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A Tiger Walks is a 1964 family film, directed by Norman Tokar and produced by Disney. It is based on a novel of the same name by Ian Niall. It was Indian actor Sabu's last film which released only a few months after his death.


A mistreated Bengal Tiger named Raja escapes from a traveling circus, and hides in the woods surrounding the small town of Scotia. The new arrival starts a panic, and the townsfolk want Raja killed with the exception of Julie Williams (played by Franklin), the sheriff's daughter.

Julie wishes to capture Raja and put it in a zoo, and she fronts a nationwide attempt to raise enough money to purchase Raja from the circus. But first, she, her father, and an Indian tiger trainer have to find Raja before the National Guard, who are under orders to shoot the tiger on sight.


  • Brian Keith — Sheriff Pete Williams
  • Vera Miles — Dorothy Williams
  • Pamela Franklin — Julie Williams
  • Sabu — Ram Singh
  • Edward Andrews — Governor
  • Una Merkel — Mrs. Watkins
  • Peter Brown — Vern Goodman
  • Kevin Corcoran — Tom Hadley


  • The film's copyright was renewed on January 13, 1992.[1] The copyright to the story it is based on was also renewed in the U.S.[2]
  • In the ending scene, where Raja is shown to be safe in the zoo with a mate and cubs, the tiger cubs were portrayed by mountain lion cubs, which have a different appearance and color pattern.
  • Unlike many films starring tigers, the tigers that starred in the film were fully grown.
  • The tigers used in the film were named Serang and Sultan and were owned by Exotic Animal Trainer Ralph Helfer.
  • Ralph Helfer was also the owner of Africa U.S.A. Ranch, the world's largest exotic animal rental company and currently lives in Los Angeles and Kenya, where he leads safari tours with his company, Eden International Safaris and Treks.
  • Prior to filming A Tiger Walks, Walt Disney himself personally met Serang and Sultan in his office alongside their handler and trainer, Ralph Helfer.
  • Sabu, who starred in this film, died only a few months before this film was released. He was the victim of a heart attack, which surprised many as he was only in his late thirties and was considered in excellent health.


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