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Africa Before Dark is an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit animated short released on February 20, 1928. This was one of many Oswald shorts long thought to be lost. In 2009, a fragment of Africa Before Dark was found and by 2015 a full copy was found in a German film archive and was shown at a screening at Disneyland on January 14, 2015.[1]


Oswald goes big game hunting in Africa. He tries to capture a tiger cub before having a run-in with a ferocious lion.



  • The gag where Oswald catches the tiger cub by removing his face "mask" was previously used in the 1925 short Alice Gets Stung.
    • The final gag, where Oswald escapes danger by having his elephant flap his ears to fly off a cliff, was reused in the 1931 short The Moose Hunt with Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

Home video releases[]


  • Bambi: Anniversary Signature Edition


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