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Dr. Akita
Background information
Feature films
Television programs DuckTales (2017)
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice DuckTales (2017)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Power hungry, cold-blooded, manipulative, cruel, abusive, sadistic, selfish, vengeful, psychopathic, hegemonic, traitorous
Occupation Doctor, scientist
Home Tokyolk
Allies Gyro Gearloose (formerly)
Enemies Huey, Gyro Gearloose, B.O.Y.D., Inspector Tezuka
Likes Treating B.O.Y.D. as a destructive robot, abusing and manipulating Gearloose
Dislikes When B.O.Y.D. behaves like a normal person, B.O.Y.D. abandoning him
Powers and abilities
Fate Arrested by Inspector Tezuka
Quote "A breach at former Akita Labs International."
"Because of you, I've become an outcast."
"Activate Revenge Protocol Omega!"

Dr. Akita is an akita dog that appears in the DuckTales reboot. He is a ruthless, power hungry and cold-blooded warmongering scientist and doctor of robotics as well as the former mentor of Gyro Gearloose.



Dr. Akita is shown to be a manipulative scientist who wants to take over Tokyolk during development of B.O.Y.D. being designed to protect the city. However, it turns out that Akita is only causing him to destroy the city thanks to his suspicious plans.

Role in the series[]

Dr. Akita appears in the Season 3 episode, "Astro B.O.Y.D.!" as the main antagonist.

While seen in B.O.Y.D.'s mind at the start, Dr. Akita does not physically appear until the Tokyolk sequence where he is first seen watching over Huey, Gyro, B.O.Y.D., and Gizmoduck arriving towards his lab feeling curious about what he is suspiciously seeing to which he spies B.O.Y.D., to which he calls him "2-BO" to be welcomed back to be destructive upon seeing a newspaper headlining him and Gyro to be blamed for the cause of B.O.Y.D. destroying Japan's metropolis city. Later, he spies Huey riding in B.O.Y.D. in flight as he plans to take him back to be programmed to destroy, just as he leaves his lab, finding out he has not captured him for twenty years. While talking about B.O.Y.D.'s bad reputation, Gyro shows him a tablet revealing a flashback of Akita and Gyro inventing B.O.Y.D. to be Tokyolk's defense robot until he lost control and attacked the city until Inspector Tezuka stops him. As the gang chases after him, Akita faces B.O.Y.D. for abandoning him after escaping the lab just as he plans to take revenge against Tezuka and Gyro as it is found out that Akita betrayed Gyro for his actions.

As Gizmoduck tries to stop B.O.Y.D., Dr. Akita rises and reveals his true nature towards Gyro and his friends just as he tells B.O.Y.D. to kill Tezuka. Trying to deal with his bad reputation, Huey shows Gyro and Tezuka about footage with his relationship with Akita during his collaboration with him creating B.O.Y.D. just as he programs him to be a destructive robot to defend Tokyolk only to cause havoc across the city. Gyro then confronts Dr. Akita for betraying him by forcing B.O.Y.D. to be destructive to destroy the city. Confronting him on a platform, Akita tells Gyro that he will never invent anything with him just as Lil Bulb punches him and knocks him off a platform just as Inspector Tezuka arrests him for his crimes.


  • Akita serves as a dark parallel to Gyro Gearloose as both are intelligent scientists and have interns. However, while Gearloose makes inventions for good intentions, programmed B.O.Y.D. to be a real boy, and treating Fenton strictly but kind. Akita, on the other hand, makes inventions for evil intentions, programmed B.O.Y.D. as a destructive robot, and abusing Gearloose very harshly but traitorously.
    • Akita was also responsible for shaping Gearloose into becoming what he had become in the reboot series.
  • At one point where Akita spies on the heroes entering his lab, his bag of potato chips includes a mascot resembling an Osomatu-kun character.

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