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Albert Hay Malotte was an American composer, organist, pianist, and music educator, who, for Disney, had composed scores for Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony cartoons. Two of the shorts he scored for, Ferdinand the Bull and The Ugly Duckling, each won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

Malotte was born in 1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Charles and Katherine (Donavon) Malotte. He was in Boy Scouts of America Troop 1, the first Boy Scout troop in Philadelphia which would later inspire him to write a composition of "The Scout's Oath". He graduated from Tioga High School and sang at Saint James Episcopal Church in Philadelphia as a choir boy. He studied with Victor Herbert, W. S. Stansfield, and later in Paris with organist Georges Jacob and began career as an organist in Chicago, where he played for silent pictures, and he later concertized throughout the U.S. and Europe.

During World War II he held the rank of Captain in the Special Services for two years while he toured with the USO and entertained troops in New Guinea, Australia and Europe.

Malotte composed a number of film scores, including mostly uncredited music for films, like Black Magic, Hi, Gaucho!, The Girl from Calgary, The Three Sisters, Such Men Are Dangerous, We're Rich Again, Born Reckless, The Saint in New York, Wise Girl, Song o' My Heart, Texas Masquerade, Riders of the Deadline, The Enchanted Forest, and The Big Fisherman. He was also an orchestrator for Gone with the Wind, and organ player for the films Son of Lassie and Prince of Foxes.

He only well-known work is a musical, lyrical setting to "The Lord's Prayer which he composed in 1935 and was introduced on radio by John Charles Thomas and has remained popular in churches, concerts and recordings. Malotte composed a number of other religious pieces including settings of "The Beatitudes", the "Twenty-third Psalm", the "Bridal Hymn, "Unto Thee, O Lord", "The "Ninety-First Psalm", and the "Hebrew Prayer". His secular compositions include "For My mother", "I Am Proud to Be An American", "Fiesta en Purchena", The Dreamer, Upstream, "Golfer's Lament", "Heartstrings", "How Shall My Heart Remember?", "Maybe, Perhaps", "Song of the Open Road", "Little White Rose", "Serenade", and "I Pledge My Love to You", which he dedicated to his wife, Marguerite.

He also composed cantatas, oratorios, musicals, and ballets. Malotte owned Apple Valley Music. Malotte died of pneumonia in 1964 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.

Disney Filmography[]

Year Film Position
1935 Cock o' the Walk composer - uncredited
1935 Broken Toys composer - uncredited
1936 Mickey's Polo Team composer - uncredited
1936 Orphans' Picnic composer - uncredited
1936 Moving Day composer - uncredited
1936 Alpine Climbers composer - uncredited
1936 Three Blind Mouseketeers composer - uncredited
1936 Mickey's Elephant composer - uncredited
1937 Magician Mickey composer - uncredited
1937 Little Hiawatha composer - uncredited
1937 Lonesome Ghosts composer - uncredited
1937 The Moth and the Flame composer - uncredited
1938 The Whalers composer - uncredited
1938 Brave Little Tailor composer - uncredited
1938 Ferdinand the Bull composer - uncredited
songwriter: "Ferdinand the Bull"
1939 The Ugly Duckling composer - uncredited
1959 The Big Fisherman composer
orchestrator - uncredited