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  • (The Following Preview has Been Approved for All Audiences by The Motion Pictures Association of America)
  • (Walt Disney Pictures 1990 Logo)
  • (Fade to Belle and the Beast sits down on the balcony under a starry sky)
  • Beast: Belle? Are you...happy here with me?
  • Belle: Yes.
  • (Belle looks off into the distance)
  • Beast: What is it?
  • Belle: If only I could see my father again, just for a moment. I miss him so much.
  • (The Beast felt disappointed as he understand Belle's feelings, then became excited upon knowing how to help her see her father)
  • Beast: There is a way.
  • (As Belle and the Beast then gets up from the balcony, we fade to the next scene at the west wing where the Beast shows Belle his magic mirror)
  • Beast: This mirror will show you anything. Anything you wish to see.
  • (Belle takes the magic mirror and gives a gentle command)
  • Belle: I'd like to see my father, please.
  • (The magic mirror glows green, and Belle turns her head away as it flashes. Then it reveals Maurice lost in the woods due to the strong wintry winds, falling to the ground and coughing up. Belle is shocked to see her father freezing and suffering severe illness as the Beast looks at her with a concerned look)
  • Belle: Papa! Oh, no. He's sick! He may be dying, and he's all alone!
  • (The Beast turned to the enchanted rose, and knowing he does not want to disappoint the never-again-seen Enchantress even by alternating her prophecy, he has no choice but to do something for his own right)
  • Beast: Then...you...you must go to him.
  • Belle: What did you say?
  • Beast: I release you. You're no longer my prisoner.
  • Belle: You mean...I'm free?
  • Beast: Yes.
  • Belle: Oh, thank you. Hold on, Papa. I'm on my way.
  • (Before Belle could leave, she stayed for one last moment with the Beast)
  • Beast: Take it with you, so you'll always have a way to look back...and remember me.
  • Belle: Thank you for understanding how much he needs me.
  • (After touching the Beast in the face gently, Belle turns to leave, and the Beast looks down sadly.)
  • (Fade to the logo reading "Beauty and the Beast" with "Walt Disney Pictures presents" above it.)
  • (Coming in Novmber at a Theatre Near You from Walt Disney Pictures)