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Ben Ali Gator
Ben Ali Gator
Background information
Feature films Fantasia
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Fantasia 2000 (flashback)
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Mickey's House of Villains
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions Fantasmic!
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators John Lounsbery
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Dreamy, pompous, smooth, suave
Appearance Slender green American alligator, red eyes, red hat with a purple plume, and red cape (later takes it off)
Occupation Dancer
Goal To woo Hyacinth Hippo
Allies Hyacinth Hippo, Madame Upanova, Elephanchine
Likes Dancing, Hyacinth Hippo
Dislikes Hyacinth Hippo rejecting him
Powers and abilities Considerable strength, speed, agility
Weapons Teeth and tail
Fate Falls in love with Hyacinth Hippo

Ben Ali Gator is a character from the 1940 feature film Fantasia. He is a tall and skinny alligator who wears a red cap with a purple feather on top and temporaily a cape. He appears in the segment Dance of the Hours. It is inferred that Ben Ali, and his cronies symbolize the somber hours of the night.



In the segment Dance of the Hours, Ben Ali Gator takes the role of Enzo Grimaldo, a Genoese prince. He is also the leader of the Dancers of the Night. This is deduced by the fact that he meets and falls in love with Hyacinth Hippo (who symbolizes Laura Adorno), and furthermore the flinging aside of his cape (symbolizing Enzo flinging aside his disguise upon discovery of Laura's body). When Hyacinth awakes from her sleep, she sees Ben Ali Gator and immediately feels threatened by his appearance, but he tries to woo her by catching her with his strength. He attempts this but fails comically, but Hyacinth seems to be interested in him nevertheless and they begin to do a short dance with each other, Ben Ali bows as Hyacinth walks away and does an alluring gesture aimed at Ben Ali Gator, which attracts him and he proceeds to chase after her, creating the Grand Finale of the segment. In the end, Ben Ali Gator attempts to embrace Hyacinth but they spin out and he, unfortunately, falls in the fountain, he gets back up to find her, Ben Ali Gator is seen dancing with Hyacinth one last time in the segment and it is inferred that they became a couple.

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas[]

Ben Ali and his gator accomplices were part of Minnie Mouse's skating routine. They are later seen in traditional artwork during the end credits. In this film, Ben Ali does not appear to be wearing his red cape from Fantasia.

House of Mouse[]

Ben Ali made numerous minor cameos in the series often seen in crowd shots sitting with Hyacinth.

Disney Parks[]

Walt Disney World[]

Ben Ali can be found in several spots, but not as a meetable character whatsoever. Some statues can be found at the Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf. Ben Ali and Hyacinth can also be seen in the Main Street Electrical Parade and in Fantasmic!'s bubble sequence.


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  • Though he is named "Ben Ali Gator" and his name, therefore, indicates that he's an alligator, he looks more like a crocodile. He has a narrow snout, and his bottom teeth also stick out when his mouth is closed.
  • Ben Ali Gator's character design was created and animated by John Lounsbery, one of Disney's nine old men. According to "The Illusion of Life", Lounsbery's favorite character he ever animated was Ben Ali since he loved timing his cocky walk and attitude to the music.
  • Ben Ali Gator went through many iterations before his final design. Altogether, his height was originally shorter, he was far more rotund, he had a purple ruff around his neck, his under jaw was wider, he wore slippers just like Hyacinth and at one point had a body type similar to humans.
  • The whole setting of Dance of the Hours may just be a play rather than a real event. When Ben Ali Gator does the Grand Finale with Hyacinth, set pieces like a Greek column to fall down, and it can be inferred that Ben Ali Gator failing to catch Hyacinth was a failed act.
  • Ben Ali Gator, as a character was conceived by Walt Disney himself during a story meeting early in Fantasia's production. Walt was dancing around the room, improvising his own take on Ponchielli's ballet when he suddenly stopped and Walt bares his teeth, snarls, and prances. "Slinky alligators would be swell, I think."
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Madame Upnova and Hyacnith Hippo appeared as cameos. Originally Ben Ali Gator was planned to be a cameo as well but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

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