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Not to be confused with one of the Enchanted Tiki Room Birds, in which one of the birds is the bird-of-paradise.

The Birds of Paradise are characters who are featured in Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. They are a group of singing birds of paradise flowers (specifically the strelitzia; Strelitzia reginae) who are part of the attraction's show.



The Birds of Paradise, as their name implies, are a group of singing bird of paradise flowers placed in the Tiki Room. Each of the four sets of them have seven to nine members in it. As they are anthropomorphic singing flowers, their beaks are used as mouths with their stamens used as tongues. Throughout the attraction while singing, each of the Birds of Paradise plants sing with a male tone.

Development History[]

When the Tiki Room first opened, the animatronics in the show not only included birds, but also included animatronic plants consisting of the birds of paradise (plant variety) and orchids. Although the book Disneyland Detective by Kendra Trahan claims there are seven birds of paradise flowers in the show, each of the four sets of them actually has seven to nine of them. In addition to this, the attraction also included tiki drummers as well as the tiki totem poles which are also part of the show.

Due to the success of the attraction at Disneyland, the Tiki Room attraction was later constructed at Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, still featuring the animatronic plants in it.


Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room[]

The Birds of Paradise participate during the musical number "Hawaiian War Chant" where they sing after the Orchids' part. As they sing along, the tiki birds, José, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz also participate during the song. They also participate during the frenzy verse with the Tiki Drummers and the chanting Tiki Totems. After the song, they participate in the closing number "Closing Bow" with the Tiki Birds, the Orchids, the Tiki Drummers, and the Tiki Totems just before the attraction ends.

In the 2011 revamped version of Magic Kingdom's iteration of the Enchanted Tiki Room after Under New Management iteration closed down due to a fire that (supposedly) damaged one of the Iago animatronics, the show was reverted back to its original iteration where the Birds of Paradise participate during the "Hawaiian War Chant" musical number, but the part where they sing was shortened.

The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management)[]

The Birds of Paradise have a smaller role in the former overlay of the Tiki Room where they participate during a rap medley with the Orchids and the Tiki Totems.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Get the Fever![]

After the original iteration of the Tiki Room in Tokyo closed down, the Birds of Paradise (the plant variety) remain in this now-extinct iteration albeit in static form, not participating in any of the songs.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai![]

In this incarnation of the Tiki Room attraction, the Birds of Paradise (the plant variety) participate during the musical number, "Aloha, E Komo Mai" where they sing with everyone at the Tiki Room. Later at the end of the attraction when Stitch is accepted to be in the show, they participate with Stitch along with the rest of the Tiki Room characters (except for the Winged Wahines who left for the beach of Waikiki during the song "On the Beach at Waikiki").

Other appearances[]

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse[]

Various birds of paradise plants have been featured in the episode "The Enchanting Hut". Like many elements featured throughout the episode, the birds of paradise plants pay reminescence to the ones in the Tiki Room attractions at the Disney Parks. They are first seen singing with the orchids, palm trees, and assorted tropical birds until they are frightened by a storm cloud, causing the birds and plants to scatter while Mickey and Minnie plan to build a hut onboard the island. As Minnie is trying to build the hut, the birds of paradise and orchids are seen observing Minnie constructing it using sand bricks only for her to be flooded by the plants. Later as the storm cloud is approaching the island, Mickey and Minnie tell the plants and birds to enter but they refuse to due to the limited space inside the hut. When Mickey and Minnie are tossed away by the storm cloud who used a wave to throw them away, the plants and birds feel inspired and they plan to construct the hut like what Mickey and Minnie are doing. Surviving the wave, Mickey and Minnie observe the plants and birds scattering around where the birds of paradise, orchids, trees, and birds work together in cooperation to build the hut just as Mickey and Minnie decide to cooperate with them. As the plants and birds finish building the hut, Mickey and Minnie manage to survive the storm and use the raft made out of bamboo to assemble the hut. At the end of the episode, the birds of paradise and orchids sing together in chorus while the now-reformed cloud is invited to go into the newly-constructed hut.

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