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This story won't be narrated by any of us, but it will instead be narrated by the Pirate Girl Buccaneers and Oscar the Octopus in Tinker Bell's body. Plus, it would include many plot points that are not suitable for the original story on the Spinpasta wiki.


Prologue: The Adventure Begins...[]

One day at Pirate Girl Island, the Pirate Girl Buccaneers were minding their business, Jake (Mama Hook) was using lipstick, Izzy (Red Jessica) was playing her kittens Rosie and Sasha, Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak) was putting on some makeup, Skully (Winger) was combing her fur, Sammy (Nanny Nell) was combing her eyelashes, and Oscar (in Tinker Bell's body) was practicing her flying.

"Well, girls." Jake (Mama Hook) (in Mama Hook's voice) told the girls. "Another beautiful day of treasure hunting!"

"Ye can say that again!" Izzy (Red Jessica) (in Red Jessica's voice) agreed, as she combed her eyelashes "I best be looking gorgeous!"

Suddenly, we heard Danielle's bell ringing.

"Crackers, Danielle's calling!" Skully (Winger) (in Winger's voice) gasped.

"Zut Alors!" Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak) (in Beatrice Le Beak's voice) cheered. "I bet it

The girls then rushed to see Danielle with a package that she brought on her hook.

The package had a sticker of a destroyed Nickelodeon logo.

"Wow!" Sammy (Nanny Nell) (in Nanny Nell's voice) thought. "Whoever would have brought this package?"

"Not sure!" Jake (Mama Hook) (in Mama Hook's voice) answered. "But we better find out what it is!"

Before we could open the package, we discovered that there was a note on it

The note read out "Something's wrong with Blue. The black forces have taken her over and now she's out for blood! Will you help save Nickelodeon?"

The girls were really surprised by the package, so they decided to save Nickelodeon!

"YES!" The Pirate Girl Buccaneers shouted in glee. "We be ready to watch that DVD!"

Then afterwards, the girls opened the package, and it was revealed to be none other than a Blue’s Clues DVD.

The DVD Cover had Blue & Joe in a blue background with the show's logo on top and text reading 'Blue's Best Adventures" at the bottom.

The girls were really surprised by the DVD, so they decided to

"Alright!" The Pirate Girl Buccaneers cheered, as they "It be

Then after that, the girls put the DVD into the DVD player and started to watch.

Chapter 0: The DVD + Opening[]

After putting the DVD in the DVD player, the first thing to show up on the DVD was the Paramount Pictures logo. But something was off.

The mountain was covered in ink, while the stars were yellow.

Then it showed the 2023 Nickelodeon logo on a black background and it was different too. The splat is covered in blood and black ink, possibly to foreshadow Blue turning black and going on a murderous rampage throughout the Nickelodeon multiverse.

The letters somehow started to speak.

"Attention, attention." the 'i' spoke. "Blue is on the loose and we need all of our characters to fight back and save the multiverse! Nicktoons.. assemble!

After the logo, it showed the Nick Jr. frogs logo, but it was off too.

The water was in shades of red, while the Lilypad was torn in half.

The girls were really amazed why the frogs somehow started to speak too.

"Hey there." The orange frog greeted in the voice of "Blue is on the loose and we need volunteers to save our worlds from being murdered.

"Do not forget." The blue frog agreed, in the voice of

After the frogs said that the logo appeared on

After that amazing logo, it showed commercials for more Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows.

Then afterwards, it showed the DVD Menu which was totally normal.

The DVD Menu had

Then, Red Jessica used the remote and

The episodes played in order like:

After these episodes played, a warning came up which took place in the credits background.

"WARNING: Our three clues about this episode in line have told us to remind you that it is completely bloody murder, extreme violence & other stuff that resulted in being rejected from airing on Nickelodeon, and it was also made to promote Teen Titans Go: To the Movies! Please be careful out there and save Nickelodeon!"

The girls were really excited to see what

"Yarr" the Pirate Girl Buccaneers yelled in glee. "Time to see what

Then after the warning, the theme song began to play but it was different. It was a mix-up of the Season 4, Season 5 and 6 theme songs, the books were all destroyed. except for the Blue's Clues book, and the paw print on the book was black & the letters were red. Then Blue opened the book, something was off, the sky was slowly turning black, then afterwards Steve and Joe popped out from the windows, not noticing the sky.

"Hi. It's me Steve!" Steve greeted.

"And me, Joe!" Joe also greeted. "Have you seen Blue, our puppy?"

"She's right there" One of the kids answered.

Then blue jumped out from behind the bush, also not noticing the sky.

"Thanks, come on in!" Joe called out.

Blue then went to the house as normal, but the characters were still not noticing the sky. The title of the episode (with a note that says, 'watch till the last part, in which you'll be part of the action!') was also attached to the door.

Chapter 1: The Sudden Sky Change[]

The door then opened to reveal Joe and Blue in the living room.

"Hi there, I'm so glad you're here!" Joe greeted. "You need to come over and see this, Things are starting to get weird."

Joe & Blue then walked offscreen and it then cut to outside, revealing everyone else, and they were all staring at the sky, which was still black.

"What's wrong with the sky?" Shovel asked Pail.

"I have no idea..." Pail answered.

"How do we fix it?" Slippery asked.

"I don't think there is a way to fix it." Ms. Pepper told Slippery.

Blue & Joe entered the shot shortly after.

"Hi guys!" Joe greeted.

"Oh, hi Joe!" Periwinkle greeted back. "Hi, blue!"

"Are you seeing this right now?" Mr. Salt asked. "The sky's color was suddenly turned black!"

"Do you guys think there's a way to fix it?" Shovel asked.

"Afraid not." Joe agreed.

"This seems like a very rare occasion." Blue reassured. "There might never be a way to fix the sky."

Toodles then appeared from behind the TV that was showing the episode and looked suspicious about the episode.

The Pirate Girl Buccaneers were very surprised of why Toodles showed up.

"I just wanted to know why Blue could talk outside of that Blue's Room spinoff." Toodles explained.

Then afterwards, Road Runner, the Super Readers, DJ Lance and the Gabba’s came in and also looked confused.

"Alright. That's it!" Mr. Salt told Blue. "We're going to find a way to change the sky back!"

Everyone agreed with Mr. Salt and went back to the house.

"Hey!" Blue called out. "Wait for me!"

Blue went to follow but was suddenly zapped by black lightning. The zap took fifty seconds before finally stopping. But when it stopped, Blue wasn't even blue anymore. She was completely black!

Then a demonic voice is heard saying 'Black Air Force Activity Activated' as Blue got back up after a two second passed.

Aside from being black now, Blue also had sharp claws. Blue then slowly (and creepily) entered the house.

The girls were so shocked that they told Road Runner to stop Blue at all costs.

Chapter 2: The Night Lasts Forever...[]

Soon afterwards, she finally got inside, and the others noticed her.

"Uh...guys." Slippery whimpered. "Is it just me or did Blue just turn black?"

"Nope, It's not just you." Tickety told Slippery.

The girls knew Tickety and Slippery were going to die as it was mentioned in the warning.

Then afterwards, Rosie and Sasha meowed to get Tickety's attention.

Tickety then waved to Rosie and Sasha and blew kisses, before scooting away as Blue ran up to everyone while growling, causing Joe and the others to evacuate the house.

Then afterwards, the girls saw Tickety come out of a portal nearby.

"Tickety!" The Pirate Girl Buccaneers cheered, as they waved to Tickety.

"Girls!" Tickety told the girls, as she hugged them.

"So, what is the deal?" Izzy (Red Jessica) asked.

"Blue is about to

"What?" The Pirate Girl Buccaneers asked.

"We got to get inside in order to

The girls nodded as they, Tickety, Road Runner, DJ Lance, Muno, Foofa, Plex, Brobee, Toodee, the Super Readers and Toodles entered the portal.

Soon afterwards, they arrived in the Paramount Warp Zone (containing portals to each of Paramount Global's brands).

"This isn't right!" Tickety thought.

"Don't worry!" Plex reminded. "I can see a splat-shaped portal to the Nickelodeon multiverse!"

"Ye be right!" Jake (Mama Hook) (in Mama Hook's voice) answered, as she "We can get there and save the entire universe from the mind-controlled Blue!"

"YARR!!!" The Pirate Girl Buccaneers cheered, as they all went into


Chapter 3: Many Other Fates[]

It then showed Magenta, Green Puppy, Purple Kangaroo & Orange Kitten talking to each other. Just then Blue teleported behind them.

"Hello there, friends." Blue greeted them sinisterly.

"Hi...Blue?" Magenta and Green Puppy asked confusingly.

"What happened to you?" Purple Kangaroo and Orange Kitten questioned.

"I have now got hit by lighting," Blue replied with a wicked grin. "And I must say, I quite like my new look."


Chapter 4: A Spark of Hope[]


Chapter 5: Blue's Final Clue and the Battle for Nickelodeon[]


Chapter 6: Invasion of the Rest of the Underwater Friends[]


Chapter 7: The Day is Saves[]

"Well everyone, this has been a great day, but me and my sisters have to head home now! Danielle could be worrying about us now!" Jake (Mama Hook) (in Mama Hook's voice) said as she saw the portal back to Pirate Girl Island started closing.


Everyone else then joined in by saying their farewells or waving to us as the girls made their way back to the portal. they decided to take turns to do some signature moves of them before they walked into the portal.

First up was Jake (Mama Hook), she did her famous pirate dance, spinning around and waving her hook in the air. The crowd cheered and clapped as she showcased her energetic moves.

"So long, I Mama Hook

Second was Izzy (Red Jessica), she summoned her kitties Rosie and Sasha

"Ye may be winning, but me, Rosie and Sasha will

Third was Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak), she whistled Fast Claw over to

"See you next time, I Beatrice Le Beak and Fast Claw

Fourth was Skully (Winger), she flew around and giggled eagerly as she

"I hope to see you

Fifth was Oscar (Tinker Bell), she flapped her wings

"Bye guys, I gotta fly back into

And sixth and finally was Sammy (Nanny Nell), she took out her magic bottomless purse

"Goodbye now, I feel like going home and

Chapter 8: Episode's Ending Point[]

The girls were very proud of themselves, so they decided to keep the DVD and watch it once and for all.