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Burrito is a flying donkey in the Flying Gauchito segment of Disney's 1945 animated feature film, The Three Caballeros.


Physical Appearance[]

Burrito is a brown-colored donkey with wings of a bird.


He is friendly and fun-loving. Burrito likes whistling like a bird and then brays like a real donkey.


The Three Caballeros[]

In the Flying Gauchito segment, Burrito is discovered by Gauchito at the peak of the mountain where Burrito's nest is at (whom Gauchito thinks he is a condor) in which Gauchito prepares to capture the flying burro. Gauchito then distracts him into eating his hat to trick him in which the gaucho jumps on him to ride on Burrito like a cowboy, After riding on him, Gauchito then trains the little burro as he plans to win thousands of pesos to be rich. After Gauchito trained him, Burrito learned new tricks and became best friends with him.

The next day, Gauchito and Burrito arrive at a festival of gauchos where Gauchito started thinking of something bigger to become richer. When Gauchito started thinking of winning 1,000 pesos for winning a racing competition, Burrito is then placed into the race where Gauchito whispers to his ears to remember the abilities he used when he rode on him and trained him. As the race begins and Gauchito is left behind, the little gaucho grabs his knife he packed and cuts the rope in order for Burrito to fly. Upon doing so, Burrito flies at a very fast speed, passes the other gauchos, and wins the race, in which Gauchito is happy that he won the bag of pesos. Upon winning the prize, Burrito flies away with Gauchito holding his leash, not taking the prize with him after the race.

Walt Disney anthology series[]

Burrito appears at the end of the episode; "Two Happy Amigos", serving as a ride back home for José Carioca to Brazil.

House of Mouse[]

Burrito appears as one of the guests of the House of Mouse.

Disney Parks[]

Burrito is a very rare character who makes appearances along with Gauchito at special events at Disneyland Paris.

A statue of Burrito pulling a cart was also a centerpiece of the Panchito's Sundries gift shop at Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World prior to the store's 2019 remodel.


  • Burrito is named after one of the popular Mexican foods of the same name.
    • Burrito is also the Spanish word for "little donkey".

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