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The Clarinet is the main character in After You've Gone, a segment from the 1946 Disney film, Make Mine Music.


The Clarinet, as its name suggest, is an anthropomorphic instrument that uses its bell to walk.


Make Mine Music[]

The Clarinet is first seen leading a group of instruments just as it performs in a swinging rhythm. Worried, it then hurries to find the instruments in panic. It then appears again in psychedelic colors as it frantically tries to find the missing instruments part of the orchestra across the sequence. After finding the instruments, it and the rest of the instruments are reunited together, but as the ground morphs into a whirlpool, the Clarinet dives into the closing whirlpool to get reunited back to the instruments again.


  • The Clarinet has been sporadically featured in the front cover of many VHS and DVD releases of Make Mine Music, despite the limited availability of the film and many merchandise inspired by it.
    • Most products depict the Clarinet's artwork used for home releases in yellow gold coloration and two musical notes for its arms for the release of the film on home formats instead of having regular arms in the film itself.