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"Class Dismissed" is the twelfth of the thirteen episodes from The Wuzzles

Disney's The Wuzzles - Episode Title Card - Class Dismissed


When Butterbear is hired to make invitations to a ball, the other Wuzzles decide to get invited by bettering their class. Also, Crock makes a bet with Butterbear about turning Brat into a sensible and polite Wuzzle.


When Butterbear is asked to invite the Wuzzles to a big social, she changes her mind and convinces them that their class standards weren't high enough to attend. Crock soon challenges Butterbear to make Brat a gentleman before the big event while the other Wuzzles learn how to be classy. When it comes time for the big night, Crock tries to sabotage the party and the Wuzzles start being in a class all to themselves.