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Crazy Edie
Crazy Edie
Background information
Feature films
Television programs TaleSpin
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Billie Hayes
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Queen of Sheba (Wildcat)
Personality Crazy, insane, sneaky, cunning, dishonest, hungry for money
Appearance White seagull with orange beak, navy coat, aviator's helmet and goggles, brown pilot gloves, gravelly voice
Occupation Con Artist Mechanic
Goal To sucker in unsuspecting pilots for having their planes repaired
Minions Gremlins, Al the alligator
Enemies Baloo, Wildcat
Likes Sabotaging plane engines, money, cons
Dislikes Having the gremlins turn on her
Powers and abilities
Weapons Tuning fork
Fate Gets covered in spoons and axle grease by a mob of angry pilots
Quote “Well, I'll be dipped.”

“If Crazy Eddie can’t fix it, it ain’t broke. But it’ll cost you.”
"Hey you, get off of my cloud!"

Crazy Edie is a shady con artist seagull posing as a mechanic, who appeared in the TaleSpin episode "The Sound and the Furry". Aided by her pet alligator Al, she preys upon unsuspecting pilots. She carries a pack of gerbil-like gremlins along with her, which Al often tries to eat.

When she presses the buttons on her tuning fork, it activates the shock mechanism on the the gremlins' collars, which causes the gremlins to go crazy and dismantle things. After sabotaging planes, she charges outrageous fees to have them fixed.

Role in the episode[]

Crazy Edie had just sabotaged another customer's plane, when a mob of angry pilots arrived on the scene. Edie took off before the mob could reach her, celebrating her scheme. The next morning, Crazy Edie arrived at Cape Suzette. When Al was getting Edie her morning coffee, his appetite worked up at sight of the gremlins. Crazy Edie snapped at her pet to hurry up with her morning coffee (she got cranky without it), and the bumbling alligator opened the cargo hold by mistake. Al noticed the cage containing the gremlins moving toward the open hatch, which made him toss the coffee cup in the air. The hot coffee spilt all over Edie, who momentarily lost control of the plane. The cage's support wires snapped, and the cage fell out the back, which caused an angry Edie to scold Al for his mishaps. The Gremlins were found by Wildcat, who brought them to his houseboat. Of course, they couldn't hide from Crazy Edie for very long, and she eventually tracked them and recaptured them.