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This article is about the That Darn Cat! character. For the US. capital, see Washington, D.C..

D.C. (short for Darn Cat) is the titular character of That Darn Cat! and its 1997 remake.

He is depicted as a Siamese cat in the original 1965 film, but the 1997 remake portrays him as some sort of mixed-breed cat.

Role in the film[]

D.C. likes to cause trouble and goes out at 9 pm and drives people crazy. One night on the same day when the bank got robbed and the bank teller, Margaret Miller, was kidnapped by the robbers, Dan and Iggy, D.C. found fish being bought by Iggy and followed him to the apartment where he, Dan, and Miller are hiding.

Miller scratched on the back of her watch "HELP" but got interrupted by Iggy on the L, replaced D.C.'s collar with her watch, and let D.C. get out. Then, D.C. went back home. When D.C. got home, Patti Randall found the watch around D.C.'s neck. Because of the watch and remembering the Miller incident, she went to FBI agent Zeke Kelso and believes D.C. will lead the FBI to the kidnappers.

After two crazy and funny nights of following D.C., they finally got to the kidnappers and arrested them and D.C. was made the hero. It's later revealed he had started a family with the Cat from the window and they take their Kittens out on a prowl.

1997 Remake[]

In this version, D.C. is a Mixed Breed and causing trouble in Edgefield and accompanies Patti wherever she goes.


  • The cat that played D.C. in the remake was known as Elvis and had previously starred in the 1994 Sylvester Stallone film The Specialist