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Dapper Duck is a character featured in the 1946 Donald Duck animated short Donald's Double Trouble. He is an exact physical copy of Donald, but with far more urbane manners and eloquent speech. Fearing that he will lose Daisy after a heated argument, Donald wanders through the streets to figure out a solution when he meets his look-alike, whom he offers money to impersonate him in order to win back Daisy's heart.

The plan goes awry when the look-alike starts falling for Daisy, which incurs Donald's wrath and jealousy. For the rest of the date, Donald tries everything to prevent them from getting closer, and win back Daisy himself.

Notably, with his Ronald Coleman type voice, this is the type of duck that in Donald's Diary Donald envisions himself to be, and briefly adopts this voice in Donald's Dream Voice.

The character didn't have an actual name until the 2018 series Legend of the Three Caballeros, in which he is named Dapper Duck.

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