"A Toei Animation spokesperson announced today Toei's plans to have a full HD remake of the original two Digimon seasons, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.

"Due to the immense popularity of Digimon Xros Wars, we have decided to green light a remake of the first two seasons of Digimon with brand new, state of the art animation and in high definition." In addition to a complete overhaul, the Toei spokesperson announced they are in talks with Wada Kouji, the original artist of the Digimon Adventure theme song and many other works for the series, to redo the opening theme of both seasons. All original voice actors are set to reprise their original roles. Don't expect this to just be a new coat of paint for the beloved international phenomenon; the Toei spokesperson said to "expect plenty of new, never before seen content."

"While we are not sure of the exact storyline at this point, our writers have been discussing a lot of ideas from other Digimon media and the fans." Some proposed ideas included an expansion of the original five Chosen Children (before Digimon Adventure), and new storylines involving Ken, Ryo and Milleniummon (who were introduced in video games after Digimon Adventure. Toei also said to be on the lookout for “a new, dark sublot involving the infamous Dark Ocean episode”, as well as “an expanded and revised epilogue to Adventure 02”, which has been a point of contention for many fans. A short OVA discussing some of the major events between Digimon Adventure and 02 is also in the works.

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While the spokesperson was not able to answer any questions, she did state that if the remake is successful, a similar remake and/or sequel is in the works for Digimon Tamers, with writer Chiaki J. Konaka at the helm.

Bandai is also developing a new line of toys for the series, with a tentative release date in September, before the series premieres next Spring.


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It's because Haim Saban was selling Fox Family Worldwide and Disney bought it however because of that Disney also acquired the Fox Family Channel (which is now ABC Family) as well as all of Saban's shows past and present which included the Digimon franchise.

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