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Digimon Fusion 2

Digimon Fusion 2 (also known as Digimon Fusion: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms) is the second part of the sixth series of the long-running anime series Digimon produced by Toei Animation. This arc started airing on TV Asahi in Japan on April 3, 2011.

The opening theme for this arc is "New World" by Twill. The series also features original music by Kousuke Yamashita, as well as various insert songs sung by Kōji Wada.

Plot summary[]

Upon returning to the Digital World, Mikey and Shoutmon learn that Bagramon had it reconstructed into an empire surrounding by seven Kingdoms, each ruled by a denominated Death General with their own Darkness Loaders gained from their now-Admiral DarkKnightmon. Reunited with their allies, Mikey and Nene convince Kiriha to join forces with them and they set to travel together through the Kingdoms to defeat the Generals. They also have to face Nene's brother, Yū Amano, who becomes DarkKnightmon's human partner and joins the Bagra Army by thinking the Digital World as a game for his pleasure. Meanwhile, Bagramon adds negative energy, gained from his seven Generals, into his Code Crown and transforms it into the "Dark Stone" for his upcoming day for ultimate destruction, which he calls "D5". During the journey, more about the main characters past is revealed, some Digimon are killed in battle and a new DigiXros called the Great Xros giving Shoutmon the power to become Shoutmon X7. After defeating the Death Generals, and opening Yū's eyes to the truth, the Xros Heart United Army finally confronts Bagramon. But in a turn of events, having gathered the energy needed, Bagramon reveals that D5 is the "Dimension Delete and Deadly Destruction Day" that would cast both the real and digital worlds in darkness which would combine them with Bagramon himself reigning over a new world. Though DarkKnightmon reveals his true colors in an act to absorb his brother by forcibly DigiXrossing with him. When Bagramon DigiXros with his brother DarkKnightmon from the inside and fused into DarknessBagramon. In the process, Shoutmon dies while Bagramon sends Mikey and his friends to an empty space, where they are saved by Akari and Zenjirō using two DigiMemories. In the final battle, Yū's Darkness Loader turned into a yellow Xros Loader for his use. Mikey, Akari and Cutemon decide to go inside the Dark Stone to find Shoutmon where they are attacked by the metaphysical incarnation of Bagramon. When the completed Code Crown chooses Mikey and not Bagramon as its true owner, Shoutmon revives alongside all dead Digimon (including allies and enemies) while the DigiMemories regain their original forms. From there, the Digimon are all DigiXrossesed Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode who destroys DarknessBagramon and save both worlds. All the Digimon returned to the Digital World while Mikey and his friends resume their lives in the human world.