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Welcome to Halloween in the Underworld

On the night before Halloween, Hades the Lord of the Underworld plans to conquer Halloween, and asks her cauldron to show you several villains, to one of them help you in your plan, like Rhinoceros from Jame And The Giant Peach, Three Witch Salem from Hocus Pocus, Headless Horseman from The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Frollo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, among others..

The Fates saying to Hades when the midnight justly the moon full they put in 31 October, the light himself put in pumpkin, the villains go out for revenge to all defeated. Hades himself might the World how Halloween night!

But one warns in Halloween. If Hercules and this friends fight with the villains of Hades? For save in the party.

Production by Xavier Antonio de la Guardia F. in Panama.


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