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Disney's Villains' Revenge: The Movie - Starring the Underwater Gang is a 2023 movie based on the 1999 video game Disney's Villains Revenge and featuring the cast of the TV series Finny the Shark. It follows Finny and her friends as they save the heroes of four stories and restore all the happy endings.

Movie Summary[]

The movie starts off in just another regular school day in Finny's classroom. Fiona the Fish swims in with a special storybook with four stories in it, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan", "Dumbo", and "Alice in Wonderland". The friends want to know what story will they read first, until they heard a voice in the background. The voice in the background was their friend Jiminy Cricket. He introduces himself to the class, then opens the book and begins the story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". A few minutes passed by and Jiminy Cricket gets tired and fell fast asleep. Finny wakes him up and then, Jiminy Cricket has an idea. He takes out all four happy ending pages and then, the class pick each happy ending one by one. After they guessed all of the happy endings, they were going to put them back into the book, until, without warning, the book lifted into the air and then, thunder roars and the vortex opens up with The Evil Queen, The Ringmaster, The Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook. Finny grab the book and stopped the book from opening up another vortex. Everyone doesn't know what was going on, but Chloe said that Fiona should bring the storybook back to the store. The class agrees to what Chloe said, until a blue light came in through the window. The class doesn't know what is it, but Jiminy Cricket knows. The Blue Fairy appears. She explains to Jiminy and the class that if they remove the happy endings, the villains will change the stories and the heroes in trouble, so, she decides that all of Finny's class will go into the stories and stop the villains from changing the stories. When the Blue Fairy disappears into the sky, Finny and Fiona believe that if they just believe, they can accomplish anything. ("If We Just Believe")



  • If We Just Believe
  • You're a Wise Fish, Mrs. Fiona
  • Thorns On Me
  • Creepy Halloween
  • What Do You Do with a Scurvy Pirate?
  • Into the Thick of It! (Through the Hedge Maze)
  • Pirates who Slave the Buccaneers
  • The Queen of Hearts is Throwing Croquet Balls at Us
  • The Ringmaster's a Bad Boss
  • Apple Haters
  • One Small Voice