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Attraction type Immersive experience
Theme Walt Disney Animation Studios
Opening date See chart below

Disney Animation: Immersive Experience is a touring immersive experience themed around the Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is an immersive experience produced by Lighthouse Immersive (the same company that produced the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition) in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Disney Animation: Immersive Experience is an immersion experience themed around various animated films from the Walt Disney Animation Studios such as Encanto, The Lion King, Zootopia, Aladdin, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Big Hero 6, and many other films imagining if guests were in a world of Disney films all around them like walking into the Casa Madrigal with Mirabel from Encanto, watching Rafiki hold Simba at Pride Rock surrounded by various animals from The Lion King, riding on a train with Judy Hopps from Zootopia, experiencing the floating lanterns from Tangled with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, and many other experiences encountered throughout the immersion.

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The chart below lists the areas in the immersion's tour and the opening and closing dates at each one.

Location City Opening date Closing date Notes
Lighthouse Artspace Toronto, Canada December 21, 2022 March 19, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Cleveland, Ohio January 19, 2023 April 10, 2023 US premiere of Disney Animation: Immersive Experience
Lighthouse Artspace Nashville, Tennessee February 9, 2023 May 18, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Detroit, Michigan February 9, 2023 May 14, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Denver, Colorado February 16, 2023 April 29, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Boston, Massachusetts February 23, 2023 July 4, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace San Antonio, Texas February 28, 2023 May 29, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Minneapolis, Minnesota March 23, 2023 June 18, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Las Vegas, Nevada March 30, 2023 September 3, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Columbus, Ohio April 6, 2023 June 18, 2023
Lighthouse Artspace Los Angeles, California June 23, 2023 September 3, 2023
Armour Yard Atlanta, Georgia July 1, 2023 TBA


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