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The Chronicles of the Land of Three Thousand Fables: Distance beyond Disneyworld is the first children's fiction novel in The Chronicles of the Land of Three Thousand Fables series written by Brandon Geddis. The book was first published on July 17, 2023 through Disney Editions and Disney Hyperion. The Chronicles of the Land of Three Thousand follows the adventures of five teens who while playing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom they fall through a magical mirror into another dimension where all the famous disney and fairy-tale characters live.


Inspired by Chris Colfer's Land of Stories Books, and with familiar characters. The first Book takes influence from The Wishing Spell, and with additional influence from Ridley Pearson's Kingdom Keepers Series.

Publisher's Summary & Jacket Interior Summary[]

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Dedications, Epigraphs & Acknowledgements[]

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Plot by Chapter[]

Prologue: The Ending is Just the Beginning[]

The story begins with a mysterious figure in a cloak walking up the stairs of former royal apartments "full soot and dust, with broken chandeliers and spiderwebs in the corners, who turns out to be Snow White. Now Queen, she is visiting her stepmother known as the Evil Queen who is the spirit inside the Magic Mirror. Snow White tries to find the real reason behind her stepmother's actions, not believing somebody could just be pure evil.

At first, the Evil Queen refuses to tell Snow White anything, not wanting sympathy. As the young queen insists, the Evil Queen agrees to tell her story.  

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time[]

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Chapter 2: Birthday Dreams do come true[]

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Chapter 3: Visit to the Magic Kingdom[]

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Chapter 6: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom[]

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Chapter 5: Walt's Journal[]

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Chapter 7: From the Chronicles of Little Red[]

Having fallen through the book to an alternate dimension, Stephanie, Finn, William, Elizabeth, Astros and Conner find themselves along a dirt path surrounded by trees, in the Enchanted forest. They are unaware of where they are; they start arguing over how they ended up there and how they could possibly go back home. Their discussion is interrupted by a cavalcade of soldiers passing by, dressed in armors and holding shields with red apples painted on them. Once the situation is calm again, Juliette notices a poster hanging to a nearby tree.

The wanted fugitive's name is Robin Hood. This clue helps them to make the stunning realization that they are inside of the Chronicles of the Land of Three Thousand Fables.

Chapter 8: The Forbidden Mountain[]

The Evil Queen meets with her Huntsman and his daughter and commands them to retrieve the Spell of Dreams items so she can use it before the Outlanders do, since the Spell can only be activated one more time. The Magic Mirror warns her that the spell can only be used three times and was already used twice before.

Chapter 9: The Central Kingdom[]

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Chapter 10: The Western Kingdom[]

The Outlanders sneak past the Royal guards into the Beast's Castle, and meet King Adam, Queen Belle, and Princess Rosebella. They allow the outlanders to borrow the enchanted rose, and stay the night as guests. The Evil Queen enlists the help of LeFou, to help steal a petal from the rose, while they slept, and gives it to the hustmens daughter.

King Adam and Queen Belle give the Outlanders, new clothes, some food, and money to send them on their journey. And Princess Rosebella sneaks out to join them on their adventure.

Chapter 11: Nottingham[]

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Chapter 12: The Coastal Kingdom[]

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Chapter 13: The Charming Kingdom[]

The Outlanders try to sneak into Cinderella's castle, are discovered, meet Cinderella, and leave without taking her glass slipper, which they came for. Later, they discover one of the slippers in their backpack, and assumes that someone put it in. They are shocked to discover Cinderella's oldest son, Christian Charming hiding and wanting to join their adventure.

Chapter 14: Strait of Monstro[]

The Outlanders get from a local fishermen, who turns out to be Captain Ahab, from the tale of Moby Dick, to cross the Strait of Monstro. They are attacked by Captain Davy Jones, but get help from Jack Sparrow to finish their crossing.

Chapter 16: Corona[]

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