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Donald's Double Trouble
Film information
Directed by: Jack King
Produced by: Walt Disney
Written by: Roy Williams
Starring: Clarence Nash
Gloria Blondell
Leslie Denison
Music by: Oliver Wallace
Studio: Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by: RKO Radio Pictures
Release Date(s): June 28, 1946
Language: English
Preceded by: Old Sequoia
Followed by: Wet Paint

Donald's Double Trouble is a Donald Duck animated short. It was released in June 28, 1946.


Donald hires a look-alike with more gentlemanly manners to win back the heart of Daisy after an argument, which eventually backfires when Donald starts getting jealous over the fact that Daisy prefers his look-alike over the real Donald.



  • Running gag: Every time Daisy kisses the Donald imposter, it is accompanied by a ringing alarm sound.
  • This is the first cartoon where Donald's usual blue sailor shirt appears without four white buttons on it, which would continue to be seen in future appearances.
    • However, the buttons are still shown sometimes.
  • Dapper Duck went unnamed until 2018, when he briefly returned in an episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros.
  • When Daisy angrily takes out her temper at the two Donalds at the ending, her voice becomes increasingly high-pitched and sped-up, just like in the ending of Cured Duck.



  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, episode #8.6: "Inside Donald Duck"
  • Disney's Wonderful World, episode #26.8: "Donald's Valentine's Day Salute"
  • Good Morning, Mickey, episode #30
  • Good Morning, Mickey, episode #78
  • From Disney, with Love
  • The Magical World of Disney, episode #33.15: "Mickey's Happy Valentine Special"
  • Mickey's Mouse Tracks, episode #3
  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #54
  • The Ink and Paint Club, episode #1.40: "Crazy Over Daisy"

Home video[]


  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Donald Duck's First 50 Years (1961 reissue print without Buena Vista logo)
  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Starring Donald & Daisy (1961 reissue print without Buena Vista logo)
  • Mickey Loves Minnie (1961 reissue print with Buena Vista logo)


  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Starring Donald & Daisy / Starring Pluto & Fifi


  • The Parent Trap (included as bonus feature)
  • Mickey and Minnie's Sweetheart Stories
  • Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald, Volume 2 (1961 reissue print with Buena Vista logo, unrestored)
  • Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Favorites: Vol. 10 - Best Pals: Donald and Daisy

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