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As Donald's fame grows, so does his ego. After being informed that Mickey Mouse would replace him as host of a variety show, Donald snaps. On the night of the show, Donald made a surprise appearance and attacked the studio audience with a machine gun in a crazed rage. Donald furiosly arguing with Mickey and other friends that he's tired to be teased and abused swearing revenge for betrayal. This incident sends Donald's career and life into a downward spiral. After Donald is fired from Walt Disney Studios and surrenders from family and friends, reporters interview Donald's family and former colleagues in an effort to determine the cause of the studio and the town incident. Despite the interviewees' unanimous comments on Donald's fiery temper and massive ego, Donald himself dismisses these comments and believes himself to be a victim of unfortunate circumstances and an ungrateful public. Abandoned by his family and friends, Donald begins to slip into obscurity.

Left alone, Donald makes friends with the Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine, that they feel sorry for Donald's sad betrayal, and together they admire each other with no life problems for every moments.

The relationship between Donald Duck and the Princesses is particularly a memorable and peaceful stroll.

But the evil Squackerduck, who is actually the real responsible for Donald Duck's betrayal, has a plan to fix it and try to kidnap the princesses.

Donald Duck will always have confidence in the princesses who will always kiss him? Will Donald Duck manage to regain everyone's trust, save the princesses, and defeat Squackerduck?

Disney Heroes by movie/sequel movie/TV show[]


  • This film is a reboot of the 1987 TV special Down and Out with Donald Duck.
  • After Mickey's House of Villains that Mickey Mouse see spend times against Disney Villains, in this film, and particularly imagined by fans, Donald see spend times lovely with Disney Princess that Donald loves girls.