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Eddie is a minor character in Disney's The Ugly Dachshund.

Role in the film[]

Eddie is first seen arriving at the Garrisons in order to take out their garbage. When Eddie notices Brutus searching for something in the garbage (in other words, his "sister", Chloe, who accidentally fell and got stuck in the garbage pile while digging for some food), he assumes he's looking for something to eat in there so, he tries to move him away from the garbage. Once he has disposed of it (with Chloe as well) in his truck, Brutus barks at him and doesn't let him in the truck, so, Eddie calls the Garrisons to see what's upsetting Brutus until they hear a barking and yelping from Chloe inside the truck, thus, assuming she could be in the garbage pile. While Eddie holds Brutus, Mark Garrison climbs up and falls into the garbage and saves Chloe, thus, satisfying his wife, Fran, and changing her mind about taking Brutus back to Dr. Pruitt. Eddie isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.


  • This was Dick Wessel's last film role before his death in 1965.
  • Although Eddie was portrayed by Dick Wessel, his voice was dubbed by the late Paul Frees during post-production.