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Mirabel Josefina Madrigal sat in her room, (the nursery), and stared outside the window, despondant and lonely. For ten years, Mirabel was the only one in her family that didn't recieve a gift, and so, she was never considered as special as them. Sure, her parents tried to reassure her otherwise, but it still didn't help matters. That night, Mirabel decided it would be in everyone's best interest if she left the Casita and stayed with Isabel for a while.

With her resolve firmed, Mirabel packed a small bag to last her about two months and picked out a new outfit, but not before switching out her glasses and replacing them with contact lenses. The next morning had the Madrigal family in the dining room for breakfast, when Alma noticed that Mirabel wasn't present. "Julieta, where is Mirabel?" Alma asked, looking at her daughter. Julieta was about to answer, when Mirabel's voice rang out. "I'm here, Abuela."

Alma was about to scold her youngest granddaughter when she, along with everyone else at the table froze in shock. Mirabel now sported a light blue one-shoulder top that left her midriff exposed, a dark purple skirt with slits on the sides and dark blue capris pants that enhanced her hips. On her feet, there were lavender ballet flats, her hair was styled in a high ponytail with a lily flower hair clip and her glasses were gone. To complete the look, her arms were adorned with green bracelets and armbands.

Isabela was shocked; her youngest sister looked better than she did! "Mirabel, what are you wearing?!" Isabela asked, barely able to hide the jealousy creeping into her voice. Mirabel regarded her older sister with a cool look as she replied, "I don't see why you would care, Isa, considering that none of you have given me the time of day anymore."

That got Isabela to freeze; what was Mirabel talking about? Alma looked at her youngest granddaughter and asked, "What are you talking about, mija?". That got Mirabel to scoff before turning on her heel and storming out of the kitchen. Julieta stared after Mirabel in shock because Mirabel has never acted like this before. Before anyone could do anything else, Antonio spoke up. "She's upset because all of you treat her like an outsider, just because she has no gift. The Casita told me that Mirabel didn't receive a gift because it wanted to remind you all that we don't need to have powers to be special."

With that said, Antonio left the kitchen and chased after Mirabel, leaving the rest of the family to ponder over his words.