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Flying Gauchito (or simply Gauchito) is a character in The Flying Gauchito, a segment of Disney's 1945 animated feature film The Three Caballeros.


The Three Caballeros[]

Gauchito is the protagonist of The Flying Gauchito. In it, Gauchito prepares to go hunting for condors in the mountains in which he discovers a nest home to an unusual winged burro in which he thought it was a condor. He prepares to capture the burro, but it manages to escape as he distracts him into eating his hat to trick him and ride on the burro like a cowboy. After training him, Burrito, the winged burro, learned new tricks and became best friends with him as Gauchito planned to win thousands of pesos to be rich.

The next day, Gauchito and his tamed companion Burrito enter a festival of gauchos as he attends a great race with Burrito to win 1,000 pesos. He then whispers to Burrito's ear to remember the abilities he used when he rode in him and trained him. When the race begins, he and Burrito are left behind while the other gauchos compete for the grand prize as he grabs his knife he packed and cuts the rope in order for Burrito to use his wings in order to fly. When Gauchito rides on him, Burrito flies at a very fast speed and wins the race by passing the other gauchos. Upon winning the bag of pesos, Burrito flies away with Gauchito holding his leash, not taking the prize with him.


  • He shares a similar resemblance to Pinocchio.
  • Initially, Gauchito was to return in a follow-up short, "The Laughing Gauchito". Some rough animation was even made for it and Fred Shields recorded some narration before it was shelved.


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