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"A Big Twist Just Got Added in".

-- Tagline

Frozen III: A Paw of a Tail, or simply known as Frozen III, is a 2022 American 3D CGI-computer animated film and sequel to the 2013 and 2019 film

Frozen and Frozen II. Being a Crossover/Comedy/Musical film debuting for the first time a non-Disney character, Kasey from the Nickelodeon Television Show PAW Patrol.

Taking place two years after the events of the second film, Frozen III follows Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven settling down in their rightful places, when a new threat arrives. Which brings a new friend to Arendelle. They must stop a new foe from sudden take-over.

Frozen III produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios along with the help from Nickelodeon Animation Studios, it was directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Cal Brunker, and Jennifer Dodge. Lee with the help of Dodge for the screenplay, writing the script from the plot by the two, Buck, Marc E. Smith, and the Lopez songwriting duo. It is the 63rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, 13th film in the Disney Revival Era, and the first requiring an crossover with Disney and another animation studio.  It is set for replacement in the U.S. on March, 17th, 2022.


Nothing has ever been so perfect after saving the Kingdom of Arendelle. Calmness, peace and organized -- as they thaught.  Their peace is soon ruined by a new powerful enemy that they must battle -- along the way, also help a new friend; Kasey get back to her home.


Alarms and sirens Blaze as Chase, Skye, Kasey and Ryder makes their way down the streets of Adventure City. Chase uses his Megaphone to tell people to get to the side as it was a code red emergency. Dark clouds begins to darken and swirl through the sky as lighting flashes out of them and thunder booms. Ryder tells Skye to land as it's too dangerous for her to fly. Evil laughter is then heard as the team senses Shadow Kasey is near. A fire hydrant explodes which sends a big gush of water up out of the ground. Shadow Kasey then appears floating in mid air as of using her floating powers, infront of the PAW Patrol. She begins taunting them saying that she will succeed at her plans this time. As Ryder speaks to the black hybrid, she grows angry and throws a mailbox at him using her powers which Ryder is able to dodge in time. Shadow Kasey contuines on saying that she has plans made and back up plans if they were to not work and more after that and more after that and some more. The clouds begins swirling around faster opening a worm hole. Shadow Kasey introduces the worm hole to the horrified four saying that the hole was a ticket to a new opportunity of ruling since Adventure City was getting too boring for her. She then mentions that the place that she's going is a old fashion Kingdom. Chase attempts to stop her, but in result, Shadow Kasey uses her powers to launch Kasey into the worm hole.

Kasey falls up right then down as she passes through into Arendelle. She lands in a pile of hay which she's confronted by a horse that's eatting the hay she landed in. As of getting out of the hay and shaking some out of her fur, she is cornered by some soldier men which are pointing their spears at her. Kasey tells the men that she's not a threat and she just fell out of a worm hole by her twin sister. Shocked and in non-believence, the men takes her to the castle which they present her to the queen as a "intruder". Kasey quickly tells the Queen; soon being introduced to her as Queen Anna, her story. In complete awe, Anna examines the hybrid and asks for her name then afterwards offers her some water which Kasey happily excepts. While in the dinning room sitting down, Kasey explains to Anna where she's from, why she's here, and how she's here. Interested by this, Anna questions the reson for the badge and collar around her neck showing off her rank as the PAW Patrol's tracker and technician, which Kasey replies. A Royal announcer enters the room loudly announcing the arrival of Elsa, which Elsa replied that the introduction is unnecessary, but appreciates it. Anna and Elsa shares and quick hug then Anna introduced Elsa and Kasey doing a quick sum up about what happened. Kasey acknowledged the statement as true which shocks Elsa by her talking. After a while of talking panicking can be heard outside of the windows which the three rushes to see what's going on to see dark clouds gathering in the sky swirling with lighting coming out of them with loud roaring thunder. Kasey ducks back nervously stating that her sister has arrived. Confused, the two sisters questions about her sister but is caught off when a sudden violent shake occurs. Dishes fall from the cabinets shattering, paintings falls off the walls, vases falls off tables Shattering with the flowers and water falling onto the floor. Anna, Kasey and Elsa runs outside greeted soundly by Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Olaf notices Kasey and approachs her, petting her head calling her cute and adorable. Kasey takes the comments nicely, which shocks the three. They are confronted by the trolls as they get to safty once again on the cliff. Grand Pabbie explains to them that the new foe-- Shadow Kasey, claims on wanting to rule over the world starting with Arendelle. A journey into the Starry Mountains to retrieve the once though myth of the "Balances of Forces amulet". Grand Pabbie notices Kasey telling her that only she can activate the amulet. Confused, the group starts their long journey as the trolls leads the other people far to safety.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and Kasey battles through rough storms and windy weather as they push on through via Kristoff's wagon. Along the way Kasey answers all of their questions about her, where she came from and who her "sister" was and why she was causing all of the commotion. Once getting dark enough, Anna, Olaf, Elsa and Kasey decides to sleep while Kristoff and Sven has the night watch and contuined pulling the wagon. Olaf says "goodnight Kelsey" which Kasey corrects him saying "it's Kasey". Throughout the night, distant howling thunder can be heard which startles Kasey awake. She makes a scene which wakes up the others, which is the meaning for "Fear Is Your Enemy". Going into early morning, the group nearly reaches the Starry Mountains. Confused, not knowing what the amulet looks like or where it is, they look attempt to search for it. Olaf finds a tunnel through the mountain which is are multiple slide passageways that gets the six separated with crazy sliding through different tunnels which soon ends up in one same area that they all bump into eachother. Brushing off the craziness, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Elsa, Anna and Kasey finally finds the amulet. Remembering what Grand Pabbie said, Kasey was the one to remove the amulet from it's place. Being suprised by Shadow Kasey's henchdogs and henchmen, the amulet is snatched away from them and is trapped in the mountain. With multiple attempts to finding a way out they soon give up, but Anna doesn't, "Don't Give Up". Soon Sven discovers a way out through some boulders and are able to get outside back to their wagon which to their dismay is dismantled. Being looked at by Kasey and knowing some building pointers from Rocky and Rubble, she's able to come up with a mini wagon that's at least big enough to get them back to Arendelle. As of getting closer towards Arendelle, the winds get fierce along with rains. Shadow Kasey is able to take over the castle and is already to "Phase 3" of her rule over plan by the time Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kasey and Olaf gets there. Kasey confronts her twin telling her to paw over the amulet, however throws it into the water. Elsa goes after it but gets stopped by Shadow Kasey by putting her in a force field bubble along with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. This only leaving Kasey for Shadow Kasey to defeat. Getting very bad bumps and bruises from her twin, Kasey sadly admits defeat but gets reminded by the others that she must stay strong, "Stronger Is Better".

During the battle between Kasey and Shadow Kasey, Kasey tries hard to activate her powers, but has no success trying. Kasey gets captured by Shadow Kasey's henchmen and henchdogs which she's taken to the basement dungeon. Olaf is able to slip out of his bubble prision and goes down to rescue Kasey, but only to be pushed away from her as she says "I'm done for leave me alone" . She tells him all the times that her sister made her seem small, weak, and a nobody. Kasey starts admitting all of those things as she can't even stand up for herself and can't even do her magic. Olaf sings his song "Stand Up". Kasey and Olaf goes up stairs where Kasey confronts her sister again and demands a rematch. Laughing at her, Shadow Kasey claims that she has already won and everything was over, saying that she was the new Queen. Kasey denies her statement and a spark of magic from her paw happens which shocks and excits Kasey. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and even Sven cheers Kasey on while Olaf tries to free the others as Kasey rematches her sister. As of breaking out of the bubble Force fields, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf joins Kasey on the fight taking down Shadow Kasey's team. Elsa helps Kasey by tossing up ice and snow chunk steps in the air as Kasey runs up them to her sister that's floating up above. She delivers a blow to Shadow Kasey that causes her to fall out of the air and land hard onto the ground below. Stating that Kasey had enough of this she'd been treating her, before doing another blow to her, Shadow Kasey acts innocently and declares a "truce" turning out it being a trick for her and her team to fall back. She claims that they have not seen the last of her as the leave.

After helping the people move back into the Kingdom and clean up all the mess, Kasey apologizes for what her sister has done and thanks them for their help before she makes a portal appear for her to go back to Adventure City. Kasey says her final goodbyes and passes through the portal back home. It isn't soon that Kasey is knocked into a hug pile by Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma,  Skye, and even Ryder. Kasey tells them that she's fine and begins to relax from her long journey. Noticing that she had something with her, she checks it out to see that they sneaked a picture in one of her pouches in her uniform. The group photo that they all took together during their trip to the Starry Mountains. The PAW Patrol asks her who they were and Kasey simply replies with, "just some friends I made"

The post credit shows Kasey back in Arendelle having a party celebrating her revealing of her powers. Kasey squeals in excitement saying how excited she is and that it took years to try to get them to work. Elsa suddenly speaks out saying "Now you just have to hope that nothing bad happens with them that causes damage" as she takes a sip of her fruit punch. Kasey freezes looking at her and becomes nervous. Elsa dosen't notices her nervous jitters as the others do.


  • Kristen Bell- as Anna.
  • Idina Menzel- as Elsa.
  • Johnathan Goff- as Kristoff.
  • Josh Gad- as Olaf.
  • Ciarán Hinds- as Grand Pabbie.
  • Saoirse Ronan- as Kasey. Wolf Hybrid. Tracker and Technician of the PAW Patrol. Twin sister of Shadow Kasey
  • Beckett Hipkiss- as Ryder(PAW Patrol). Eleven year old boy. Leader of the PAW Patrol.
  • Keegan Hedley- as Rubble. English Bulldog. Constructionist of the PAW Patrol.
  • Shayle Simons- as Zuma. Brown Labador. Water rescuer of the PAW Patrol.
  • Callum Shoniker- as Rocky. Mix Breed. Eco Recyclist of the PAW Patrol.
  • Kingsley Marshall- as Marshall. Dalmatian. Firefighter of the PAW Patrol.
  • Iain Armitage- as Chase. German Shepard. Police of the PAW Patrol
  • Lily Bartlam- as Skye. Cockapoo. Aviator/pilot of the PAW Patrol.
  • ???- as Shadow(Shadow Kasey). A black wolf Hybrid and Kasey's twin sister
  • ???- as Thunder. King Shepard. Shadow Kasey's henchdog.
  • ???- as Apocalypse. Doberman Pincher. Shadow Kasey's henchdog.
  • ???- asTogo. Rottweiler. Shadow Kasey's henchdog.
  • ???- as James. Male human. Shadow Kasey's henchman.
  • ???- as Henry. Male human. Shadow Kasey's henchman.
  • ???- as Tyler. Male human. Shadow Kasey's hencman.






  • The actors that voiced as the PAW Patrol characters in PAW Patrol: The Movie returns.
  • Kasey dosen't sing in this movie, but does in Frozen IV
  • While coming up with the scripts, they were scrapped several times before it finally sticked with the final product. Kasey is animated differently as she enters into the Frozen Universe.
  • Kasey is my OC, she's isn't in the series.
  • When asked by Elsa if Kasey could sing any songs, Kasey refers to one. "Chained to the Rhythm" and sings part of the chorus that impressed Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Earlier in the film Kasey attempted to sing along with them but failed horribly.
  • In the mid-early scenes of the film, Elsa successfully distracts Shadow Kasey and her henchdogs for a few moments with the word squirrl. She then refers that "she always wanted to say that".
  • Towards the end scene when Shadow Kasey and Kasey fights, Shadow Kasey sings in a parody of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" with "Do You Wanna Get Revenge"" which highly offended Anna.
  • Kasey is animated firstly by Mikros Image for Nickelodeon Animation Studios, then gets handed over to GCI Animation.