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Gettin' My Own Back is a song from Oliver & Company 2. It is sung by Mary, Sykes' widow about getting vengeance for her husband's death. In the song, Mary's singing voice is provided by Carol Channing.


When I was a girl at my daddy's side, he told me to persist in life

I learnt the trade and never gave up, and me and my boy-toy reached the top

Me and my honey made lots of money, ain't in funny?

Quigley: No, but...

That's why I'm gettin' my own back, getting sweet, sweet revenge

The time for action is at hand and I'm ready to take the chance

This is my moment, my time to shine

Time for world to shine a light

On meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That's why I'm gettin' my own back, getting delicious vengeance

To get my own back and taste sweet, sweet victoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! (laughs sinisterly)