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Glasses Bird
Glasses Bird
Background information
Feature films Alice in Wonderland
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Video games Alice in Wonderland (video game)
Disney Wonderful Worlds (as a costume)
Park attractions Alice in Wonderland
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Animators Hal King
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Home Tulgey Wood
Dislikes When Alice cries
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The Glasses Bird is a character from the 1951 Disney animated feature film, Alice in Wonderland. It is one of the first creatures from Tulgey Wood who appears onscreen which Alice encounters at the aforementioned area.


The Glasses Bird, as its name implies, is an eyeglass-like creature with a pair of tips used as its legs, a beak between its two eyes (hence its name), and a pair of dark blue eyes with tiny black pupils on both of its lenses. When Alice first encounters it, the Glasses Bird lands on Alice and lands in front of her face curiously to which as Alice doesn't notice that she is wearing it, she approaches the Mirror Bird where the Glasses Bird appears on the former's face via reflection. Despite its name, the Glasses Bird does not resemble any existing species of bird at all, despite having a beak.


Alice in Wonderland[]

The Glasses Bird is one of the first creatures which Alice encounters in Tulgey Wood along with the Mirror Bird. Amongst the various eyes seen above the sign, the Glasses Bird leaps onto the sign and approaches Alice who is curiously exploring Tulgey Wood and as it lands in front of her face, Alice approaches the Mirror Bird and as Alice approaches it, she sees the Glasses Bird on the Mirror Bird's reflection just as the latter smiles to see Alice wearing the Glasses Bird just as Alice tells them, "No more nonsense" just as Alice suddenly walks into an area where a family of Horn Ducks is sleeping, much to the Glasses Bird and Mirror Bird feeling worried. Two additional Glasses Birds are later seen approaching Alice who is singing "Very Good Advice" where two of them and the other creatures of Tulgey Wood approach her singing. Soon as Alice cries, another Glasses Bird also cries (with its eyes making a sad expression) and tearfully reacts to Alice who is lost in Tulgey Wood alongside an Umbrella Vulture and two Hammer Birds who are also tearfully reacting to Alice just as the Glasses Bird and the other creatures of Tulgey Wood suddenly disappear. The Glasses Birds make no further appearances throughout the rest of the film.


In the Bonkers episode "Color Me Piquel", two toon characters use a design similar to the Glasses Bird from the Alice in Wonderland film consisting of a mother and a son. The mother eyeglass toon has green rims and wears a pink bow and has yellow legs and a beak while her son is another eyeglass toon who has the same colored legs and beak as his mother except with a pair of red rims like the one from the movie. Throughout the episode, Bonkers and Lucky Piquel manage to help find the missing son who was kidnapped along with several other toons by two malicious and faded toons and reunite him back to his mother.

Video games[]

Disney Wonderful Worlds[]

In the Fantasyland hub of the discontinued video game, one of the costumes which the player could choose is Alice wearing the Glasses Bird as her eyeglasses based by the moment of Alice's encounter with the Glasses Bird from the Alice in Wonderland film. This costume was one of the tasks part of Pinocchio's storyline and when the player customizes Alice with the Glasses Bird, she comments that she had never seen spectacles like these before, completing the task.

Disney Parks[]

Alice in Wonderland[]

The Glasses Bird is encountered during the Tulgey Wood sequence where it is seen standing on a sign reading "Which way?" being written by a Pencil Bird and both of them are seen next to the Cage Bird.