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Glockenspiel is the clock tower at the "It's a Small World" ride at the Disney Parks. He serves as the icon of the aforementioned theme park.

Due to the attraction's success, the character later appeared in many merchandise and media inspired by the attraction.



He is a wacky cuckoo clock with a smiling face (which resembles circle-shape with glasses on in all versions of the ride except the Disneyland Paris version, which is a sun on one half and a moon on the other) rocking to the ticking sound he makes.

Every fifteen minutes, he opens his base doors and a squad of dolls dressed like they are from around the world come out. They parade for the riders to the instrumental toy soldier version of the ride's titular theme song. After they return to the clock's interiors, Glockenspiel would close the parade door and opens his central doors to reveal the time (with the hour represented by large number blocks and the quarter hour by small blocks) as jesters would ring the big bells (for the hour) and small bells (for the quarter hour) and then close the doors one last time and remain a normal clock tower for another fifteen minutes.

Development History[]

After the "It's a Small World" attraction closed in 1965, the attraction moved to Disneyland in 1966 alongside the other two attractions, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and Carousel of Progress. Here, the Glockenspiel clock tower was constructed in the Fantasyland section of the park, making it the attraction's icon in the park.

Due to the success of the attraction, the "It's a Small World" attraction was later constructed in Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland because of how popular the attraction is, still with the clock tower scene.

Originally, the Magic Kingdom incarnation of the attraction did not have the iconic Glockenspiel where the facade inside was located indoors albeit without the clock tower in it after the Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971. In May 2004, the attraction at the Magic Kingdom closed down for a major refurbishment to add the iconic Glockenspiel clock tower which later opened on March 2005 just like what the California, Tokyo, and Paris versions have; however, it does not include the clock parade scene and instead includes toy soldiers inside the clock tower, followed by two jesters ringing out the current time.


It's a Small World[]

Glockenspiel first debuted when the It's a Small World attraction moved to Disneyland in 1966. He serves as one of "It's a Small World's" icons in the aforementioned Disney Parks. As said above, the clock's head rotates randomly and occasionally, a clock parade occurs throughout the queue. Afterwards, the current hour shown inside Glockenspiel reveals two jesters inside ringing out the current time.

It's a Small World Holiday[]

Glockenspiel's role functions the same as the original overlay, except he is seen wearing a Santa hat to represent the overlay's theme. Like in the original overlay, a clock parade occurs throughout the queue where an instrumental version of "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" which then loops into an instrumental version of "It's a Small World" itself. Afterwards, the current hour shown inside Glockenspiel reveals two jesters inside ringing out the current time, as what happened in the original overlay.

Epic Mickey[]

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It's a Small World: The Animated Series[]

Because the series is based on the original attraction, the clock tower from the original attraction has to be included. Glockenspiel appears briefly at the opening of every episode and also in the show's opening song.


  • Landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa can be seen on Glockenspiel.
  • The Magic Kingdom version still uses the same clock tower in the ride, but does not include the clock parade.
  • In the Disneyland Paris version, Glockenspiel's face is designed to have the face of a wide awake sun on his left half and a sleeping moon on his right half.