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Grace Martin is a character who appears in the censored short, The Martins and the Coys, a segment from the 1946 Disney animated film Make Mine Music. She is the love interest and wife of Henry Coy.


Make Mine Music[]

Following a massive battle between the Martins and the Coys, Henry was trying to hunt for something and he saw a shadow that he thought that it was a hillbilly or an animal but Henry just noticed that it was a hillbilly girl who tries to attract Henry's attention much to the ancestors of the Coys telling Henry to do what they did before. Instead of trying to use his rifle against her, he then he begins to fall in love with Grace and after when Grace was trying to shoot she stopped and looking at Henry in the eyes and finally she falls in love with Henry much to the unhappiness of their family's ghosts, as she and Henry marry.

Ultimately, she and Henry dance together in a hoedown to which they continue their married lives. However the end of the segment, reveals sometimes she and Henry get into fights during which Grace beats up Henry, much to the joy of the ghosts of their relatives, who are happy that the feud continues.


  • The ending of the segment reveals that Grace is very strong as she is easily able to throw Henry a long distance.