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Hercules, Zero to Hero
VHS cover of the Film
Film information
Directed by: Bob Kline
Tad Stones
Phil Wenstein
Produced by: Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Written by: Mark McCorkle
Bob Schooley
Music by: Adam Berry
J. Eric Schmidt
Studio: Walt Disney Video Premiere
Walt Disney Television Animation
Walt Disney Television Animation (Australia) Pty. Limited
Toon City, Inc.
Thai Wang Film Production

Wang Film Productions Co., Ltd.
Walt Disney Animation (Japan), Inc.

Distributed by: Walt Disney Home Video
Release Date(s): August 17, 1999
Running time: 73 minutes
Language: English
Preceded by: Hercules

Hercules: Zero to Hero is a direct-to-video movie edited from four episodes of Hercules: The Animated Series, released on August 17, 1999.


The episode "Hercules and the Yearbook" is the main plot of the video. Unlike the televised version, the random clips are replaced with three other episodes (in the following order):

  • "Hercules and the First Day of School"
  • "Hercules and the Grim Avenger"
  • "Hercules and the Visit from Zeus"

Voice Cast[]


  • "Zero to Hero"
  • "The Man That I Love"


  • This movie shares similarities to the Disney direct-to-video animated sequel, Tarzan & Jane. They both take place after the events of their original films and use three episodes from Hercules: The Series and The Legend of Tarzan as flashbacks and fill the main plot. They both also serve as the series finale films to their respective television series, similar to Aladdin and the King of Thieves.
  • Some of the dialogue between Hercules and Meg are altered to fit the episodes. An example of this is "Hercules and the Visit From Zeus" replacing the clip of Hercules graduating from Prometheus Academy. Also, in order to better segue into the stories from the sequences from "Hercules and the Yearbook", the opening scenes of each episode were cut.

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