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How to Play Golf
How to Play Golf Poster
Film information
Directed by: Jack Kinney
Produced by: Walt Disney
Starring: Pinto Colvig
Fred Shields
Music by: Oliver Wallace
Studio: Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by: RKO Radio Pictures
Release Date(s): March 10, 1944
Language: English
Preceded by: How to Be a Sailor
Followed by: How to Play Football

How to Play Golf is a 1944 Goofy cartoon directed by Jack Kinney.


An analysis of the game of golf, the Goofy way.



A scene where Goofy mimes shooting himself with his finger and somehow ends up actually shooting a bullet out of it after missing a putt is often edited out in TV showings, including on The Ink and Paint Club.


  • When this short was released, The Film Daily called it "highly hilarious", and gave the following review:

"This, another of Walt Disney's Technicolor cartoons featuring the Goof, is a howl. While the narrator explains how properly to play golf, the Goof attempts to demonstrate. Naturally he does everything wrong, with superb results from a comedy point of view. The technique and animation are noteworthy indeed. Mark this down as a topflight booking of its kind."



  • Disneyland, episode #3.6: "The Goofy Cavalcade of Sports"
  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, episode #10.23: "In Shape with Von Drake"
  • The Mouse Factory, episode #1.17: "Sports"
  • Good Morning, Mickey, episode #60
  • Donald Duck Presents, episode #22
  • Mickey's Mouse Tracks, episode #53
  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #38
  • The Ink and Paint Club, episode #1.35: "More Sports Goofy"
  • Have a Laugh!, episode #60

Home video[]

  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Volume 4 - Sport Goofy (VHS/laserdisc)
  • Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Goofy (DVD)

Have a Laugh! changes[]

The following scenes were cut from the short version due to time constraints:

  • The entire first third of the cartoon, with Goofy choosing a club, teeing up the ball, and learning to swing; it opens with Goofy hitting the golf ball to the hole in preparation for the putt.
  • Part of Goofy sizing up the elements in preparation for the putt with a bomb sight, while the narrator mentions "drift indication, lay of the land, [and] trajectory angle".
  • Goofy licking the tip of his pencil as part of his "mental calculation".
  • Goofy pretending to shoot himself with his finger over missing the putt.
  • Goofy incorrectly hitting the ball so that it lands in the rough, where he learns to "always play the ball where it lies".
  • Goofy's encounter with a lawn sprinkler as he tries to hit the golf ball from off of it.
  • The chase with the bull is shortened considerably; it cuts from the run-in with the number 7 flag to Goofy, the stick figure and the bull all arriving at "the 19th hole".

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