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In Dutch
Film information
Directed by: Charles Nichols
Produced by: Walt Disney
Written by: Harry Reeves (story)
Jesse Marsh (story)
Starring: Jimmy MacDonald
Pinto Colvig
Ruth Clifford
Billy Bletcher
Music by: Oliver Wallace
Studio: Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by: RKO Radio Pictures
Release Date(s): May 10, 1946
Language: English
Preceded by: Pluto's Kid Brother
Followed by: The Purloined Pup

In Dutch is a Pluto cartoon.


Pluto is delivering milk in Holland, falls for a pretty Dutch dog and cries wolf but ends up saving the town.

Full Plot[]

Pluto is working as a milk delivery dog in a town somewhere in Holland/The Netherlands, when he falls for Dinah the Dachshund. Unfortunately, as Pluto and Dinah are enjoying themselves, they accidentally trigger the alarm bell that warns the town that the dike that protects the town from flooding has been compromised. When the citizens find that the dike is undamaged and it was a false alarm, they are furious with Pluto and Dinah for crying wolf, and the mayor angrily exiles them from town for their blunder.

However, when Dinah and Pluto are near the dike later, they find that the dike has indeed been compromised and is leaking. While Dinah struggles to stop the leak from getting worse, she has Pluto head back to town to warn everyone, but due to the false alarm earlier, when Pluto rings the dike alarm again, no one believes him and chase him off, thinking he's crying wolf again. Pluto is forced to cause enough trouble around town to infuriate the townspeople, including the mayor, into chasing him so he can lead them back to the spot where the dike was damaged. When the townspeople see the damage, they immediately realize that this time, Pluto was not lying to them about the emergency, and thanks to Dinah's heroism with plugging the leak herself until they could arrive to effect repairs, Pluto and Dinah had saved the town from certain destruction. The mayor and the other residents apologize to Pluto and Dinah, hail them as heroes, and welcome them back into town with open arms.



  • The 1983 Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Pluto VHS uses the cartoon's original opening and closing titles.
  • The Mickey and Minnie's Sweetheart Stories DVD uses the 1957 reissue Buena Vista print.



  • Good Morning, Mickey, episode #30
  • Mickey's Mouse Tracks, episode #2
  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #54
  • Sing Me a Story with Belle: "Taking Responsibility"
  • The Ink and Paint Club, episode #1.12: "The Many Loves of Pluto"

Home video[]


  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Pluto (Original RKO titles)
  • Sweetheart Stories (1957 reissue print)


  • Mickey and Minnie's Sweetheart Stories
  • Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Pluto
  • It's a Small World of Fun: Volume One

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