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This is the transcript for the sixth episode of The Barnyard Hero Brigade.

[sunburst title card with Brilliant Bull's face]

[fades to red burlap title card with words saying:

"A Disney Barnyard Hero Brigade Cartoon"

"Copyright MMXV ©Disney All Rights Reserved"]

[fades to title card with words saying the episode's title with Brilliant Bull and Mickey Mouse standing next to each other]

[fades to black]

[changes to background in the park]

Narrator: It was a peaceful day in the park of Rubyswell.

Brilliant Bull: [sitting on a bench]

Narrator: Brilliant Bull was sitting on a bench relaxing.

Brilliant Bull: Ah, this is the life.

This is a wonderful day to hang around at this park.

I think I'm gonna have a little flight.

[takes off into the air]


Ah, a gentle breeze, fresh air, and a beautiful view from up here.


Wow! What a very nice view from this side.

Narrator: While Brilliant Bull was flying, something was coming towards him.

[frisbee twirls, comes towards Brilliant Bull and hits him on the head]

Narrator: A frisbee knocked Brilliant Bull out and he dove down like a plane.

Brilliant Bull: [gets knocked-out, and dives while falling]

Narrator: He splashed into a fountain.

[lands into fountain with a big splash]

[sitting in water behind fountain's waterfall still knocked-out with knockout circles popping]

Narrator: Then, he heard a voice.

[character with high-pitched voice offscreen]: Oh, my gosh! I must’ve thrown that frisbee too high.

Brilliant Bull: [shakes head and has a surprised take]

[looks at blurry shapes of different animals through waterfall]

[spreads out water from waterfall just like opening curtains and moves in front of waterfall]

(view of Brilliant Bull's drunk eyesight changes to normal eyesight that reveals Mickey Mouse and company looking at Brilliant Bull)

Brilliant Bull: [rubs eyes, blinks two times in a row]

Is this real…or am I dreaming?