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Jake and Joe Favers (also known as the Faver Brothers) are the main antagonists of the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South, despite their small role.


Jake Faver is the younger of the two and apparent leader. Seeing that he is more intelligent that his dimwitted older brother, he seems to be the human representation of Br'er Fox. Joe Faver is the eldest brother who seems to be a minion of his younger brother given his dimwitted, clueless nature, he seems to be a human representation of Br'er Bear.

Their sister, whom they hate and bully, is Ginny Favers. Jake usually wears a short-sleeved shirt and dungarees and Joe usually wears a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. They are both usually seen barefoot.

Role in the film[]

Jake and Joe are first seen harassing Teenchy in a rude manner, which their sister Ginny, tells them to leave her pet dog alone. Toby then warns Johnny that his mother doesn't allow him to play with them. Soon as one of the dogs runs away, Toby gives it to the Faver brothers which Jake and Joe attempt to fight which Toby runs away to avoid getting involved with them. Joe and Jake then comment on Johnny's suit and as they harass Johnny, he walks away sadly as he ends up in a pond where he sulks in a sad mood.

After Johnny tries to make Uncle Remus understand that he was trying to give Teenchy a safe place to keep away from Joe and Jake, the two approach the Favers brothers while Uncle Remus furious with Joe and Jake for harassing Teenchy and as the Favers brothers confront Johnny with rude comments, much to Johnny trying to tell him that Ginny give Teenchy to him to take care of him, much to Johnny yelling at them that they will not keep Teenchy is they keep on harassing him, which Uncle Remus decides to teach Joe and Jake a lesson to not bully their dog like that. However, Ginny suddenly arrives, giving Johnny advice that if Joe and Jake make trouble, he should tell Ginny's mother to take care of them. Later when Johnny and Toby approach Joe and Jake after listening to Uncle Remus' story of Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby, Joe and Jake confront the two while Johnny tells them that they should never tell their mother about rude behavior to Teenchy. As the Favers brothers return home, Mrs. Favers furiously scolds Joe and Jake for their rude behavior just as the two walk away in anger.

Joe and Jake later discuss with Chloe telling her that they are to see Mrs. Sally and as Uncle Remus faces brothers, he tells them to stop pestering Teenchy and as they discuss, Sally overhears and discusses with the two about Teenchy which the two leave after Sally thinks that they might get Teenchy back just as the two leave.

Later, Johnny invites Ginny for his party while her mother is getting her dress ready for the party and as Johnny approaches her, he takes Ginny to his party while a Joe and Jake follow the two having a conversation on their way to the party and noticing Joe and Jake behind them, Johnny tells Ginny to not pay attention to her just as Jake pushes onto a puddle of mud, making her dress dirty just as Johnny confronts the two for bullying her while Uncle Remus saves Johnny from being attacked, teaching Joe and Jake a lesson and telling them that they should get along and not do the same actions they are doing to Ginny and Johnny. They are not seen again afterwards.