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James Sardine

James Sardine is a boy fish who Bea dated in the Fish Hooks episode Doris Flores Gorgeous. He is the Fish Hooks equivalent to James Dean.

Background Information[]

  • He appears to be the smallest fish in Freshwater High.


  • Doris Flores Gorgeous (First appearance) (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Queen Bea (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Milo Gets a Ninja (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Big Fish (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Dollars and Fish (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Parasite Fright (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Pamela Hamster Returns (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Milo's Big Idea (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Riding in Cars with Fish (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Diary of a Lost Fish (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Good Morning, Freshwater (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Good Times at Pupu Goodtimes (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Run, Oscar, Run (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Fish School Musical (Non-speaking cameo)
  • Hairanoid (Non-speaking cameo)