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John is a character who was featured in the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South.


John is Johnny father who lives with his wife Sally in the Georgia countryside. Ever since his family visited Mrs. Doshy's house, John realized that he is being late for his job, so he decided to leave to catch a train for his job, much to Johnny feeling sad that he is leaving. Later after he returns home, he approaches Johnny who is about to regain his consciousness after being attacked by a bull and when Uncle Remus came and helped him regain consciousness, Johnny miraculously survives and Johnny's parents feel inspired by the story of Br'er Rabbit and his Laughing Place.

Role in the film[]

Johnny's father is first seen talking with his son Johnny where he hears the sounds of a frog croaking which he shares his story that he used to catch lots of frogs when he was little, remembering that he hit a whole box of frogs in his grandmother's milk house which made the frogs loose which reminds Aunt Tempy of the tale Br'er Frog by Uncle Remus. He and his family approach Mrs. Doshy happy to see her son and daughter together. Just as Johnny enters, John tells his wife knowing if he would stay here which Sally tells her husband that she must stay with her mother which he replies that her mother should be the one to take care of Johnny. John then approaches his mother telling him if his wife should stay with her, which Johnny approaches his father who has a train to catch up, because he has a job to do. John then bids a farewell to his wife as well as his wife and his mother. Just as John leaves, Johnny emotionally cries to see his father leave for a train to catch up on his job.

Later at the end of the film, John returns home from his job and as he approaches Toby who is sad that Johnny was attacked by a bull just as he approaches Aunt Tempy who recaps that Johnny was injured at a bull's pen while trying to stop Uncle Remus from leaving. As he and his wife approach Johnny who is in bed, Uncle Remus suddenly enters and tells a story of Br'er Rabbit and the Laughing Place which Johnny regains his consciousness. Hearing this, John feels happy that he will have more fun than Br'er Rabbit himself, planning to have a laughing place inspired by the story, making Uncle Remus happy once again.