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Kansas City Girls Are Rolling Their Own Now
Film information
Directed by: Walt Disney
Produced by: Laugh-O-Gram Studio
Color process: Black and white
Studio: Laugh-O-Gram Studio
Distributed by: Laugh-O-Gram Studio
Release Date(s): March 20, 1921
Running time: 1 minute
Country: U.S.Flag of the United States
Language: English
Preceded by: Cleaning Up!!?
Followed by: Did You Ever Take a Ride over Kansas City Street 'in a Fliver

Kansas City Girls Are Rolling Their Own Now is a short film and the second short in the Newman Laugh-O-Grams series.


Walt Disney's second drawing of a single-frame picture of the life in Kansas City.


  • This film is not really animated, it just consists of Walt drawing a single frame.