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Kate Harris is one of Jenny Foxworth's friends in Oliver & Company 2. She is voiced by Mary Kay Bergman.

Appearance and personality[]

Kate is approximately 12 years old and has brown hair with beads in it. She sports a white top, blue jeans and black boots. On her right hand are three bangles. Kate is funny and does have a tendency to be rather sarcastic.

Role in the film[]

Kate, Jenny and their friends Stacy and Amanda are in class when Mr. Barker, their sarcastic history teacher, enters the room. He has the results of a test they did the week before. The girls come last, with Mr. Barker faking sadness. Kate announces that he's being "ridiculous" and Mr. Barker announces, "Excuse me. Who died and made you boss?" before exiting the room. Later on, Jenny and her friends go to Kate's house for a sleepover. After that, she doesn't appear for the remainder of the film.