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Background information
Feature films The Wild
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice William Shatner
Performance model
Inspiration Mola Ram Hopper Beast The One (Kaiju) As Udo Takafumi
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Bad Cow

Stupid Cow Worst Cow

Personality Cruel, wicked, vicious, insane
Appearance Slender wildebeest
Occupation Leader of the wildebeests, "Prophet", "Choreographer"
Affiliations Bad
Goal To ascend to the top of the food chain
Home The volcano
Allies Blag (formerly), wildebeests (formerly)
Minions Wildebeests
Enemies Samson, Ryan, Benny, Bridget, Nigel, Larry, Blag, wildebeests
Likes Eating lions, plush koala doll
Dislikes Blag screwing things up, his minions turning aganist him
Powers and abilities Snorts
Weapons Hooves
Fate Is ditched by his own minions and left to perish in the volcano.
Quote "A good chorus line is so hard to put together."

Kazar is the main antagonist from Disney's 2006 CGI film The Wild.

The Wild[]

Kazar is a wicked wildebeest who no longer wants to dwell at the bottom of the food chain. He is somewhat insane; he actually wants to eat meat in order to ascend to the top of the food chain, and was successful in convincing other wildebeests. He attempts to eat Samson and Ryan when they enter the volcano, but he is soon defeated when Samson roars a deafening roar, which causes the walls of the volcano to crumble. Kazar is then ditched by his own minions (who don't really want to turn predators into prey) and left to perish in the volcano. Kazar is crushed by a falling rock after catching his front hooves on the plush koala's pull string, while the rest of the animals escape to safety before the volcano explodes.