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"Klutz on the Clutch" is the sixth of the thirteen episodes from The Wuzzles

Disney's The Wuzzles - Episode Title Card - Klutz on the Clutch


Due to Rhinokey's crazy driving, he is banned from driving and therefore banned from the upcoming race.


Due to when the trophy for the Wuzzle Rally is thrown out of Rhinokey's cab, Bumblelion manages to convince Eleroo that Rhinokey is a sure bet to win back his Uncle Kanga's trophy. Unfortunately, Rhinokey is almost thrown out of the Wuzzle Rally when he crashes into Officer Eaglebeagle. When the Wuzzles try to help Rhinokey become a safe driver, he falls into one of Crock's tricks and nearly kills Bumblelion.

As a result, Rhinokey drops out of the Wuzzle Rally and quits driving. Hoppo and Eleroo take over, but the Rhinokey Roadster manages to fall into another one of  Crock's plans and falls apart. Rhinokey then suddenly convinces himself that he will re-enter the race, and manages to win it - by a horn.