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Little Einsteins is a children's television series that premiered on prime time on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney daily block intended for preschoolers on October 9, 2005, preceded by a direct-to-video film titled Our Huge Adventure (which was released on August 23, 2005). After the final regular episode aired on December 22, 2009, reruns aired until February 13, 2011 on Playhouse Disney, then from February 14, 2011, to March 18, 2019 on Disney Junior. A stand-alone special was released on June 19, 2010, marking the official end of the series.


A group of musically gifted and ethnically diverse children travel around the world in an artificially intelligent rocket named Rocket. Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June are the Little Einsteins. Little Einsteins is full of adventures that introduce kids to nature, world cultures and the arts. Each episode has a mission and journey of discovery that incorporates a celebrated piece of classical music and a renowned work of art or world culture. The Little Einsteins team use their passion and talents to work together and solve challenges.


Main Characters[]

Leo is the leader, conductor, and the oldest of the Little Einsteins and the one who pilots Rocket. He has a younger sister named Annie. His main talent is conducting and his most precious object is his conductor's baton. Leo has red hair and green eyes and eyeglasses. He is voiced by Jesse Schwartz and singing voice by Harrison Chad.

June is a young ballerina who loves to dance. She is not only a very skilled dancer but a dedicated teacher as well. She has brown hair and brown eyes and her standard outfit is a purple sleeveless shirt with a fluffy tutu. She is voiced by Erica Huang.

Quincy is a boy musician who plays a variety of musical instruments, including the violin, drums, and trumpet. When surprised or amazed, his usual response is "I cannot believe it!". He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is voiced by Aiden Pompey.

Annie is a young girl who loves to sing. She is Leo's little sister and the only character who has piloted Rocket alone. She loves animals including dolphins and horses but is afraid of spiders. She owns a silver microphone with orange music notes that she won in a song contest. When she wishes to urgently point something out to the team, her usual phrase is "Look-look-look!" She has blonde pigtails and blue eyes. She is voiced by Natalia Wojcik.

Rocket is the Little Einsteins' main mode of transportation, as well as their friend. Rocket has an array of tools and accessories that help the team complete their missions. Rocket also has the ability to transform into any other form of transportation, like a submarine or a train. Rocket communicates with marimba notes.


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International versions[]

In the UK, some of the dialogue has been changed to fit the British culture, like "Yeah!" being changed to "Yes!". There's also a separate Australian version. The show has been dubbed into other languages as well:

  • Little Einsteins in America, UK, Bahasa Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and the Philippines[2][3]
  • Små Einsteins in Danish, Norway, and Sweden[4][5]
  • Kleine Einsteins in the Netherlands and Germany[6][7]
  • Mini Einsteins in Portuguese and Latin Spanish[8][9]
  • Les Petits Einstein in French[10]
  • 리틀 아인슈타인 (Liteul Ainsyutain) in Korea[11]
  • חבורת איינשטיין in Hebrew[12]
  • リトル・アインシュタイン (Ritoru Ainshutain) in Japan[13]
  • Mali Einsteini in Polish[14]
  • Micile genii in Romanian[15]
  • Pikku Einsteinit in Finnish[16]

UK Version Cast[]

  • Piers Stubbs - Leo
  • Poppy Lee Friar - June
  • Kirsty Hickey - Annie
  • Mitchell Zhangazha - Quincy


The series was given a 5-star rating by Common Sense Media.[17][18]

Multiple types of merchandise were made in the series of successful years including toys, clothes, home videos, DVDs, CDs, books, bed care, cereal brands, and more. All media except DVDs, CDs and books are retired.


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Production on the series started around early-2004. It was initially titled "Little Einstein" which was changed for an unknown reason. An early preview was released on Baby Einstein DVDs and another preview was released on various Playhouse Disney DVDs. Animation of season 1 was produced between mid-2004 and late 2005. Season 2 was announced the following month after the premiere and was produced from 2006-2007. The series then aired season 2 until 2009.

It takes a dozen animators three weeks to animate a 22-minute episode and 9 weeks to complete the episode. At several points in that process, each one gets test-screened for schoolkids, who are monitored for attention level and their reactions – smiles, comments and humming along are duly noted – and queried about their comprehension, and whether they found anything scary or intimidating.[19]

Changes to Season 2[]

  • The theme song has the kids clapping before saying "Little Einsteins" then to different transitions.
  • Annie's outfit has a new color scheme.
  • After announcing the mission of the day, Leo proclaims, Let. the mission. begin!.
  • The pat-pat-pat sequence is frequently shortened.
  • Annie now uses a microphone when singing the episode's jingle.
  • There is a new segment where the Little Einsteins have to fly really fast, called super fast.
  • The curtain call sequence is updated with its own song.
  • The ending gag before the credits roll has changed.


  • The series was based on the two direct-to-video movies Our Huge Adventure and Rocket's Firebird Rescue.
  • The show was originally going to be titled "Little Einstein" like Disney's other franchise at the time Baby Einstein.
    • The show was also originally planned to be released in late 2002.[20][21]
  • The series has been released on Disney+, but was upscaled to look higher quality.
  • The series reran on Disney Junior until 2019, 10 years since the series ended.
  • DisneyNOW had both seasons of the show but removed them two times. Once in April 2019 and in November 2019. Since then, the series is now watchable on Disney+.
  • On Disney+, it is described as a "new innovative series" for an unknown reason. The series is also listed as 2005-2006, although the series ended in 2009.[22]
  • Although it was created by Baby Einstein when Disney sold the properties to Kids II, Inc, Disney kept the Little Einsteins property.
  • Certain season 2 and special episodes in Season 1 (such as "The Christmas Wish") had better-quality animation than most of season 1.
  • It is the first Playhouse Disney series to feature animated characters in live-action locations.
  • There is a lost Finnish dub of the show called "Pikku Einsteinit", which aired on the Disneyn esikoulu block on Nelonen, much like other Playhouse Disney.Disney Junior shows.
  • Little Einsteins debuted with a prime-time special which was the highest preschool rating of any premiere in Playhouse Disney history (a 5.6 rating and 737,000 viewers 2-5)[23]


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