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Malcolm John Taylor, better known by his stage name, Malcolm McDowell, is an English actor and voice actor, who is probably best known for playing Alex in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Other notable roles of his include Soran in Star Trek Generations, Daniel Linderman in Heroes, Mad Mod from the Warner Bros/DC Comics show Teen Titans, and other villains in movies.

For Disney, he played the role of Austin Cloquet in the 1997 live-action comedy film Mr. Magoo. He also provided the voice for Dr. Calico in the 2008 Disney animated feature film Bolt, the Shaman in the Aladdin series, Reginald Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb, and Lord Fathom in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

He also played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Princess of Thieves, a wizard in Just Visiting, Barnabus in Can of Worms, Major Davenport in Hidalgo, and voiced Minister Veris Hydan in Star Wars Rebels.

In 1998, he played Mr. Roarke in the remake of Fantasy Island, which, like the original, aired on ABC.


  • McDowell was originally considered along James Caan, Tim Curry, Robert Duvall, and Ray Liotta to voice Scar in The Lion King, but at the end, Jeremy Irons was cast instead.


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