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Mel Chadwick is a character from Disney's The Ugly Dachshund. He is known for being an expert on Dachshunds.

Role in the film[]

Mel Chadwick is first seen telling dog jokes with some guests at an Oriental bacchanal held by the Garrisons at their place. When Fran Garrison believes that one of her Dachsies, Chloe has the makings of a future dog champion, her friend, Dr. Pruitt suggests she shows her to Mr. Chadwick since he is known for being quite an expert on Dachshunds and that he was judging the Fairview Dog Show next month; revealing she "arranged the whole party just to get on his good side."

After Fran deliberately lets out Chloe while making it look like it was by accident, Mr. Chadwick notices her passing by everyone until Fran picks her up. When Fran brings her to Mel, he is fascinated by her appearance and decides to examine and study her while wearing glasses. After a quick examination, Mel Chadwick suggests she enters Chloe into the Fairview show next month. When Chloe runs along, Fran tries to get her back until Mel suggests she lets her go since Dachsies love to be around people despite people like Mr. Toyama and his nephew, Kenji the caterers not liking to be around dogs.

Later, Fran introduces Mel to her husband, Mark after having had a talk with Dr. Pruitt. Things turn out fine until Brutus, the Garrisons' Great Dane enters in and starts causing a mess at the party around the garden while trying to retrieve his bone, which Chloe stole from him. Even Mel Chadwick is as terrified as the guests when he tells Mark: "What's the matter with you, Garrison? Can't you control your dog?" When hanging onto a float where the band is playing on top of a pond to avoid and hide from Brutus, Fran tries to help Mr. Chadwick out until everyone from that float falls into the pond as well including Fran herself. Mel Chadwick is last seen angrily getting out of the pond after Fran angrily pushes Mark into the pond.

However, he is last heard by Fran having suffered pneumonia the next day after the mess caused by Brutus last night.