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Mirabel Madrigal
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Character information
Full name Mirabel Katara Madrigal
Other names Mira (by Camilo)
Personality Motherly, kind, brave, loyal, headstrong, determined, sassy, selfless
Home Casa Madrigal, Encanto, Colombia
Relatives *Alma Madrigal (maternal grandmother)
Likes Her choker necklace, taking care of Antonio, animals, her siblings,
Powers and abilities Hydrokinesis
Weapons Water

Mirabel Katara Madrigal is one of the main protagonists in the fanfiction Encanto (Role Swap) and the firstborn granddaughter of the Madrigal family. The oldest daughter of Bruno and Alex Madrigal, the younger twin sister of Camilo Madrigal and the elder sister of Sora, Korra, and Sabrina. Playfully described as “Señorita Perfecta” by her brother, Mirabel is one of the golden twins of the Madrigal family, whose gift is the power to control water and conjure ice and fog.

Due to her beauty and power, Mirabel was betrothed to another man named Mariano Guzman, who her younger cousin, Dolores, had a crush on. By the end of the story, Mirabel had started dating her crush, Killian and by the sequel, the couple had two children, Kya Alma and Luca Anthony.


Mirabel is the younger twin sister of Camilo and the eldest sister of Sora, Korra, and Sabrina Madrigal and the firstborn granddaughter of the Madrigals, a family gifted with magical powers. Mirabel is graceful, and Isabela describes her as "effortlessly perfect". Snowflakes form with each step she takes. Because of her looks and power, she is betrothed to a local man who is equally good-looking, Mariano Guzmán. But it is later revealed that she did not want to be perfect, and she also does not want to marry Mariano, and wanted to be with her lover, Jasper Hernandez. With Isabela's help, Mirabel is able to finally show her true self. When she feels free from the restraint of familial expectations, she can control different forms of matter that weren't just water, including blood. This brings the two cousins closer, which culminates in a hug.

Physical appearance[]

Young Mirabel

Mirabel as a child after her gift ceremony

Mirabel is a 21-year-old Colombian woman with dark skin, bright blue eyes, and long, shiny, black hair with blue beads, and a blue choker with a wave crest. She wears a light and dark blue, two-piece dress with the top exposing her midriff and her skirt decorated with a dark blue belt with a crest matching her necklace, and matching blue slippers. Sometimes, she goes barefoot.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mirabel can conjure ice and fog and control water or anything with it. She can also manipulate plant life due to the water inside them. Her powers also appear to be linked to her emotions, as shown when Dolores mentions Mariano's desire to have five babies with Mirabel, she looks shocked as snowflakes and an icicle sprout in her hair.