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Mrs. Favers is a character featured in the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South.


Mrs. Favers serves as the mother of Ginny Favers who lives with her two mean brothers Jake and Joe Favers. She is shown to be kind to her daughter such as the occasion when she gets Ginny ready for Johnny's birthday. However, she dislikes it when her daughter is impatient when she gets her ready for Johnny's birthday. She is also shown to give a reminder to have good manners whenever it comes to an occasion like Johnny's birthday. In addition to this, she also dislikes it when her two sons Jake and Joe harass Ginny's dog Teenchy. Later after Johnny reunites Ginny to her parents after her father returns, Ginny's parents feel very happy that their daughter is back, just as she reunites with her parents in joy.

Role in the film[]

Mrs. Favers is first seen scolding her children Jake and Joe Favers, telling them that she doesn't want to hear another word about what they did to Ginny's dog Teenchy just as she furiously scolds them for harassing her dog, yelling at them, "Take none of your business". During Johnny's birthday, Ginny's mother is seen getting her daughter ready for Johnny's birthday where she impatiently tells her mother that the party will be over soon just as Ginny gets the collar Johnny gave to her earlier so that she can get ready for the party. Ginny's mother tells her daughter that she is pretty enough to go anywhere, but before Ginny leaves, her mother tells her to not forget her manners.

Later after Uncle Remus told a story of Br'er Rabbit and the Laughing Place, Johnny and Ginny walk across the woods where the two see Ginny's parents from a distance just as Ginny feels excited to see her father and as she returns home, Ginny's parents are happy to see their daughter back as Mr. Favers happily reunites with his daughter after not seeing her for a long time just as Ginny's parents enter their shack while Johnny attempts to ask Uncle Remus that he found his "Laughing Place". Ginny's parents are not seen again afterwards.


  • Mrs. Favers is the only parent who is part of the Favers family whose face is physically seen. Her husband Mr. Favers does appear in the film, but is seen from a distance only in one shot, making his face barely seen as Ginny's father only appears towards the end of the film during the part where Ginny reunites with her parents.