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The Northern Woodlands is largest kingdom in the Land of Stories. Ruled by Queen Snow White and her husband King Florian. It exists as a separate entity after the personal union of the crowns of the Northern Woodlands and the Enchanted Forest with the marriage of the Queen Snow White and King Florian. 

Notable Places[]

  • The Queen's Castle
    • Courtyard
    • Royal Chambers
    • Magic Mirror Chamber
    • Throne Room
    • Dungeons
    • Laboratory
    • Dock
    • Castle Library
  • Seven Dwarfs cottage
  • Swan Lake
  • Ugly Duckling Pond
  • The Curvy Tree
  • The Northern Mountains

Notable Fairy Tale Characters []

  • Queen Snow White: ruling monarch
  • King Florian Charming: Queen Snow White's husband and Co-Monarch
  • Princess Joanna: Queen Snow White and King Florian's daughter, Heir Apparent.
  • The Evil Queen: Queen Snow White's stepmother, former Queen Regnant.
  • First King & First Queen (deceased) ( Former Rulers)
  • The Seven Dwarfs
  • The Northern Kingdom Army / Snow White's Army: