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Geppetto’s Pride is an alternate universe fanfiction in which Pinocchio is born as a human and the official biological son of Geppetto. Being written on fanfiction.net by BlueRacoon27


Geppetto J. Woodworth, a toymaker is left to raise his son, Pinocchio alone after a tragic fate falls upon his wife, Francesca. As Geppetto struggles to cope with single fatherhood, he grows closely attached to his son who may soon have his own greatest wish that tests the bond between both father and son.


Pinocchio- A young boy from a small village in Italy. Pinocchio P. Woodworth was born on February 23, 1840 as the son of the woodcarver, Geppetto, left to raise him alone after the untimely passing of his mother, Francesca, who passed away after giving birth to him. Pinocchio’s motherless childhood leaves an empty void in his heart he somehow hopes to fill in some way or another. His most cherished item throughout his childhood from since he was a baby was a little doll in the form of an anthromorphic cricket left and made for him by his mother.

Geppetto- A widowed woodcarver from a remote Italian town. Geppetto J. Woodworth takes on full responsibility for his young son, Pinocchio following the tragic death of his wife, Francesca. Geppetto’s devotion and love for Pinocchio will test him to every extent of his pride and Humanity.

Francesca Woodworth- The late mother of Pinocchio and wife of Geppetto. Francesca was a kind woman that Geppetto loved very much. She tragically passed away after giving birth to Pinocchio. Though her death breaks Geppetto’s heart, he carries on to honor her memory raising Pinocchio. It is the absence of Francesca that greatly leaves an empty void in Pinocchio’s heart that he wishes to fill one day.

Jiminy Cricket- A small cricket wandering the streets and making himself where he ever he pleases. Jiminy becomes a good friend of Pinocchio after he was found one night in a Geppetto’s workshop and given a home in Pinocchio and Geppetto’s house.

Figaro- Geppetto and Pinocchio’s pet cat. Figaro was a lost street cat without a home always scouting for food until one day he was found and adopt by Geppett several months after Pinocchio was born. Upon the two meeting, Pinocchio and Figaro instantly form a special bond. Pinocchio is almost always seen playing or bonding with Figaro.

Dr. Collodi- named after the Italian author, Carlo Collodi. Dr. Collodi is the town doctor who assisted Geppetto and his wife with the birth of Pinocchio. He is firm but good hearted with people, especially his own patients.