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Priscilla Skunk
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Cree Summer
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Proper, neat, glamorous, self-centered, kind-hearted
Appearance Striped skunk, feathered hat, pink lacy dress, parasol, pink high-heeled boots
Occupation Gardener
Affiliations Good
Home Nice and Friendly Corners
Relatives Farmer Stinky (cousin)
Pets Paulie and Dolly (lovebirds)
Allies Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Toby, Sparky, Tio, Uncle Bun, Ella, Clementine, Dirty Dan and Dusty, Mr. Dillo, the other Flower Club members
Enemies Billy Goat the Kid, Train Bandits
Likes Flowers, perfumes, being the center of attention, pie
Dislikes Outlaws, bees, people stealing the spotlight from her, stinky smells (especially skunk smells)
Powers and abilities
Quote "Well I never!"

Priscilla Skunk is a character in Sheriff Callie's Wild West, voiced by Cree Summer. She is a girly skunk who loves to be the center of attention to the point where she doesn't like sharing the spotlight with anyone - even Sheriff Callie.

Priscilla also loves fashion and looking her best, as well as flowers and all things beautiful.


Priscilla's ego is displayed in "Calamity Priscilla", in which Frida Fox and her Wild West show come to Nice and Friendly Corners. Frida Fox, being a known celebrity, gets a lot of attention from the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners, which makes Priscilla jealous.