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Queen Grimhilde, Commonly known as the Evil Queen, is a character from the well-known fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is Snow White's stepmother, and the former ruler of the Northern Woodlands.

Story []

Grimhilde was raised by the villagers of a town in the Northern Woodlands; her father, a maker of mirrors, never told her she was beautiful, leading to insecurity about her appearance. When her father dies, she marries the King whom she met at the well by her father's house. She grows to love Snow White as if she were her own daughter. But when the King's three witch-like cousins come for a visit they give her the Magic Mirror in which resides the spirit of her dead father. It serves as a corrupting influence on her throughout her history, to the point where her heart turned into one of stone, only looking out for herself, she used her magic to stay young and beautiful forever, After her husband's death, the Queen slowly descends into madness.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.[]

Giving her rule over his kingdom before he died, Grimhilde was cold and cruel towards her subjects, and all trembled in mortal fear of her anger. The vain Queen owned a magical mirror with which she could look upon whatever she wished. The Magic Mirror shows a haunted, smokey face of her familiar demon which replies to the Queen's requests. She regularly asks the mirror who is the fairest in the realm ("Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" which is often misquoted as "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all"), and the mirror would always reply that she is.  One day, however, the mirror tells her that there is a new fairest woman in the land, When the magic mirror stated some details on the fairest woman, she then learns it's Snow White and sends her huntsman to bring back her heart. After telling her Magic Mirror of Snow White's Death, the mirror then replies that she is still alive in the cottage of the seven dwarfs and that the heart she's holding is a deceased pig's heart. She then turns herself into an ugly old hag, makes a poison apple and goes out into the forest and find Snow White. The next morning, she meets Snow White and tells her the apple she's about to give her is a wishing apple and when Snow White eats it and falls dead, Evil Queen then states that she is now the fairest in the land. The seven dwarfs then chase her up a cliff and when she was stuck in the top into the cliff, she then picks up a stick to pick up an giant stone to kill the dwarfs, but suddenly falls when the lighting strikes in front of her and falls with the stone and gets crushed to her death.